Destiny 2 – Void Weakness

Void Weakness Guide

So when you’re a complete noob like I was and doing the Into The Abyss quest, where the goal is to kill enemies with void weakness applied, you find that not a single one of your abilities or guns will apply “weakness” onto the enemy, so you might wonder “huh, maybe suppression works?”

Well it doesn’t, and now you’re left wondering “how do I apply void weakness?” “What the hell is void weakness?” and such, which the game will not explain to you nor will Google help, as my 2 hours of figuring it out showed.

How do you do the mission? How do you apply void weakness? Well here’s how to do it:

How to Do It

  • First, you go to Ikora Rey in the Tower, she’s a salesperson on the West side of the tower.
  • Second, you have to buy a void “Aspect” called “Child Of The Old Gods” from her. If you read the description, you’ll see it mentions weakness
  • Third, equip it in your Voidwalker subclass section

So how it works, is that first, you put your rift [V], either healing or firepower boosting underneath you.

Now you have a purple orb following you in your field of view. Then just shoot an enemy, and the orb will go and weaken them.

Now, repeat 50 times.

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