Don’t Starve Together – Secret Boss Guide (How to Kill and Find)

I found a secret boss located in the game files, I know where to find and kill it, in this guide I will show you the few things you need!

Step One: Find the Structure

The first thing you’ll want to do is find this structure, its really hard to find one but once you do everything else is easy from there, a way you can do it is by a divining rod, which takes 1 stick 4 souls and a gear, which can be crafted in the shadow tab. Here is what the location looks like.

Familiar right? I will show you what to do here once you find it in section 2.

Step Two: Bring specific items to the pig house and see the end

You will need:

  • One divining rod
  • One of every gem
  • One deerclops eyeball
  • One royal honey
  • One ancient horn.

Once you collect these go put them behind the pig house, as a matter of fact to get behind the obelisks you must be insane, so drain your sanity first. Then once you drop your items behind the house, you will notice it will all be gone, then attack the pig house till it breaks, a normal pig should come out. After you break the house you will notice your screen turn dark, then black. And there should be letters on your screen like you’re in the darkness and monsters are attacking. You will also be freezing, but your health hunger and sanity bar won’t be visible. As if you’re not dying at all. 

Once this screen appears spam auto attack, and you will notice your character attacking something, you will hear your character making death sounds over and over until you beat the enemy, killing the enemy reverts everything like nothing ever happened, even the pig house will go back to normal, i think this boss was a work in progress but never finished, it was very interesting finding and beating this boss. Please try this and you’ll see its insanely weird.

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