ELDEN RING – Face-Ganking & How to Deal with It

You just spawned in directly in front of a crew of Host and friends?

About to get ganked horribly?

Lemme lay some first-hand knowledge on you that may just help you survive, and heck, even pull off a win against the odds!

How to Take Victory from The Arrogant and Punish The Greedy

Firstly, don’t panic! Your freak out will be exploited. They have numbers and the confidence that comes with such an advantage.

Secondly, GO BERSERK! Yeah I just told you to stay calm, but hear me out alright?

When you first spawn in, you have a brief period during which you are invulnerable. I imagine this is by design, to prevent folks being summoned and nuked into oblivion as they’re getting up to speed with their surroundings popping into existence.

With all the potentially-delayed attacks available and the number of enemies invaders face, it makes a lot of sense.

This also gives you a niche advantage in a surprise attack, should the host and their summons get greedy… Ergo why I say, DO NOT PANIC. Instead, go wild! Go crazy! Go stupid! Go crazy, yeah!

If you’ve got an AoE blast you can loose, now is the time! If not, beat down that host ASAP before they realize their greed has cost them their life!

This tactic is especially effective if you’ve got any potential oneshot attacks, so good luck! Just try not to waste too much time, you can’t afford the time to buff okay? This invulnerability is very brief, so don’t rely on it too much.

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