GTA 5 – Humane Lab Raid Guide (GTA Online)

This guide will be a simplistic walk-through of all five of the original heists available via Lester Crest. They will include the following in order: The Fleeca Bank Job, The Prison Break Job, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding & Pacific Standard Heist.


The heist consists of five Heist Setups and one finale, ordered by Agent 14, which the objective is to search inside the Humane Labs and Research facility (operated currently by Don Percival’s Merryweather) for nerve agents or other chemical weapons.


  • Minimum of 4 players.

Set-Up Cost:

  • $54,000


  • Raiding Humane Labs & Research​


  • $270,000 (Easy)
  • $540,000 (Normal)
  • $675,000 (Hard)

Reduced prices for Insurgent, Insurgent Pick-Up, Valkyrie & Dinghy (Heist). Unlocks Lab Report & In The Name of Science Award.


  • Series A Funding Job

The Setup

Phase 1: Key Codes

The team is divided into four different roles, working together to progress the mission: The Buyer and the Bodyguard, who take care of the meeting with the contact, and the Lookout players (North and South), who provide assistance for the other two players.

The crew is instructed to go to the parking lot on Elgin Avenue, near the Ammu-Nation in Downtown Los Santos. The Buyer and the Bodyguard have to get in position in the middle of the parking lot for the meeting, while the Lookout players have to get into their corresponding vantage points (North gets into the rooftop of the building on the left side and South gets into the elevated walkway from a building just behind the buyer and the bodyguard). With everyone in position, they must wait for the contact to arrive in a black Zion.

A cutscene plays where the contact, revealed to be Karen from the IAA, arrives at the meeting point, along with her bodyguard and the briefcase containing the key codes for the Humane Labs and Research. She says that she needs to wait for confirmation to give the briefcase to the crew, but while waiting for confirmation, she asks if they were the ones who robbed the bank or were their associates.

Later, she receives the confirmation, giving the crew the briefcase. As soon as she gives the briefcase, FIB agents arrive at the scene in FIB Buffalos and proceed to shoot at the group, which results in Karen’s bodyguard getting killed and Karen running away.

From there, the crew have to fight against the FIB agents. They will attempt to flank the group through the parking lot entrance and the alleyways located on the right and behind the buyer and the bodyguard. Lookout players should attack from their vantage points to avoid the agents coming to the buyer and bodyguard’s location.

Once the area is secured, the team is instructed to collect the briefcase and bring it to the host’s apartment. However, more FIB agents will arrive at the entrance in FIB Grangers, so the other players have to take them out. Depending of the distance to the apartment, FIB agents will spawn in FIB Buffalos to intercept the player who is carrying the briefcase, so the player has to defend themselves.

Once the briefcase is collected and the players managed to leave the parking lot, the mission is completed.


  • $10,260 (Easy) (Crew only)
  • $20,520 (Normal) (Crew only)
  • $25,650 (Hard) (Crew only)

Phase 2: Insurgents

The team is instructed to go at Davis Quartz, where Agent 14 informs that they need the Insurgent LAPVs. When approaching to the area, he informs that the place is rented by Merryweather Security and warns that they are performing live-fire tests on the vehicles, so it is expected to have resistance.

The entrance of the quarry is lightly guarded by Merryweather soldiers and the test site is located at the lowest point of the quarry, so players have to take advantage of the high terrain to take cover and attack the enemy group to secure the vehicles. After retrieving the vehicles, the crew is instructed to bring the vehicles at the drop off point off North Calafia Way. Merryweather will attempt to intercept the vehicles with Mesas and Buzzard Attack Choppers, so they have to defend themselves.

The player who is manning the Insurgent Pick-Up’s machine gun turret should provide defense for the group against the pursuing vehicles, while the others have to either evade them or resort to Drive-By Shooting in case they are heavily surrounded. If there are enemies at the drop-off location, they are instructed to take them out before leaving the vehicles.

With the enemies taken out and the vehicles finally secured at the drop off, the mission is completed.


  • $10,260 (Easy) (Crew only)
  • ​$20,520 (Normal) (Crew only)
  • $25,650 (Hard) (Crew only)

Phase 3: EMP

A cutscene plays where the crew meets with Agent 14 at the apartment’s planning room. He briefs them on the next plan of stealing an EMP device from a jet, which is on a ship located in the middle of the ocean. He also states that he would also need to sell the plane so he can fund the heist. Later, he tells the crew to deliver the EMP to Humane Labs and Research and get a helicopter, which will be done later.

At the start of the heist, the crew is instructed to go to El Burro Heights, where Agent 14 informs that there is a Dinghy on the coast. The crew then uses the boat and heads in the direction of an aircraft carrier, where they are instructed to infiltrate the vessel. Agent 14 states that he knows the EMP is there because the navy crew leaked an inventory on the Dark Net and put everything on sale. He also comments that it will end up in the hands of terrorists if they do not get the plane.

Once the crew gets into the vessel’s boat access on the stern, they have to fight all the way through the vessel by taking out the enemies in the hangar area. After taking out the first group, a second group appears from the other side attempting to stop the crew. Once they take out the second group and sort out the enemies on the stairs leading to the flight deck, the group now have to clear the flight deck of enemies, before one of the crew members finally gets into the Hydra.

The other players can steal the P-996 LAZERs to defend the target jet. As soon as the crew steals the vehicle, the navy officer informs the others of the situation and a squadron of enemy jets are sent to bring down the Hydra. Agent 14 instructs the crew to fight against them. The squadron consist of ten jets, usually in groups of two.

Once the enemy squadron is taken out, the crew is safe to deliver the target jet to Sandy Shores Airfield to complete the mission.


  • $10,260 (Easy) (Crew Only)
  • $20,520 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $25,650 (Hard) (Crew Only)
  • Reduced price for Hydra

Phase 4: Valkyrie

The crew is instructed to go to Los Santos Naval Port, where the objective is to steal a Valkyrie. The vehicle is within the Merryweather Security base of operations.

The entrance is guarded by Merryweather soldiers, so the team have to take them out and fight againsts the rest of the group, including snipers and a Buzzard Attack Chopper. More enemies will be around the helicopter’s location, including a sniper on the crane.

Once the helicopter is secured, one player must pilot it, while the other three use the turrets. As soon as the group enters the vehicle, Agent 14 informs that Merryweather sent air units to intercept them, so they have to defend themselves.

Two Froggers and a Buzzard Attack Chopper will spawn heading towards the Valkyrie. When the first group of enemy helicopters are taken down, a second group will spawn, this time consisting of three Buzzards. The crew should take them out quickly before they cause severe damage to the Valkyrie (although the Valkyrie is scripted with increased resistance, able to withstand three missiles before it cuts out or blows up).

Once the second enemy group is taken down, Agent 14 informs that they are clear and can safely deliver the vehicle at the drop off point off North Calafia Way, to complete the mission.


  • $10,260 (Easy) (Crew only)
  • $20,520 (Normal) (Crew only)
  • $25,650 (Hard) (Crew only)

Phase 5: Deliver EMP

The crew is instructed to go to the old dock area in North Calafia Way. Agent 14 briefs the crew that the EMP is loaded into the Insurgent and that they need to bring it at Humane Labs and Research. The crew are given with suppressed weapons, as the setup requires a stealthy approach to complete the objective.

Once everyone is in the target vehicle, the player must drive it to the facility and pull up outside near the entrance. Here, Agent 14 manages to hack the CCTV and sends the live feed to the crew, so they can plan the approach to the lab. Agent 14 instructs them to leave the vehicle at the bay on the rear of the facility.

The area is heavily surrounded by Merryweather Security soldiers and Humane Labs scientists, distributed in the following manner: two near the entrance, one on top of the building after taking a U-turn from the entrance, two checking one of the Insurgents, three around the middle section, one on top of the building near the bay and three near a Boxville. From the middle section, there is one guard who will start driving an Insurgent towards the exit; he can be either killed or letting him go, as long as the crew is not spotted by this guard.

Once all guards and scientists are taken down, one should bring the Insurgent to the bay. From there, one must hack the garage door’s keypad via a hacking minigame. After hacking it, the player has to drive the vehicle inside the garage and park it inside. Later, the group is instructed to leave Humane Labs by taking the Boxville from there and drive away, without alerting the inbound Merryweather convoy to complete the mission.


  • $10,260 (Easy) (Crew only)
  • $20,520 (Normal) (Crew only)
  • $25,650 (Hard) (Crew only)

The Finale

The crew is divided into two teams: the Ground Team, which takes care of the facility and retrieve the data, and the chopper team consisting of the Pilot and the Gunner, which provide defense and evac for the other team. All players are instructed to go to the pier north of the Alamo Sea and get into the Valkyrie. The Pilot should go towards Humane Labs and reach the marker high above the facility so the EMP is activated and the Ground Team can jump.

Ground Team:

The ground Team is provided with Night Vision goggles to use once the EMP has been activated, a Rebreather and Scuba Suit to escape through the cooling tunnel, a Flare Gun to use as a signal to the chopper once they reach the beach, a Special Carbine and Pump Action Shotgun with suppressors, Grenades and Sticky Bombs.

Once they jump and parachute down to the facility’s parking lot and blow the garage door’s control panel to open it and fight all the way through the facility by killing the guards inside. The crew has to be careful, as the guards may take cover.

Once the team gets in the lab, both players must simultaneously use the keycards to open the door. A cutscene plays where one of the team will get on a computer, insert an USB device and get the data. Once the data is acquired, they have to leave the facility by going through the elevator and heading to the cooling tunnels, by sorting out more guards along the way. With the help of the Rebreather, the team has to swim through the cooling tunnel to the beach, where one of the players equip the Flare Gun and shoot a flare so the Pilot can see it and pick them up.

Pilot & Gunner:

The Pilot and the Gunner have to hold their position in the facility’s airspace and defend the Ground Team from oncoming Merryweather soldiers arriving in Mesas and Buzzard Attack Choppers.

At some point during the raid, the Ground Team disappears from the Radar, so the team has to pay attention for them while sorting out more enemies. Eventually, the group is instructed to look for the signal flare of the Ground Team to pick them up at the nearest beach.

Both Teams:

Once the Ground Team gets into the vehicle, the crew has to defend the vehicle by taking out more Buzzards before they manage to bring the Valkyrie down (although the Valkyrie is scripted to withstand around 5-6 rockets, and can withstand engine damage longer than usual, taking several seconds for the engine to shut down temporarily).

After the Buzzards have been taken down, the Pilot is instructed to fly to the meeting point in Land Act Reservoir, where Karen will be waiting to pick the computer files.


  • $270,000 (Easy)
  • $540,000 (Normal)
  • $675,000 (Hard)

Elite Challenge

  • Complete in under 11:00 minutes
  • Vehicle damage under 2%
  • Nobody gets wasted
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