Jagged Alliance 3 – Lone Wolf Achievement Guide

How to Obtain the Lone Wolf Achievement

Note: Credit goes to Null Winter

Blood, Ivan, and Vicki are your best bets.

Ivan is your best option if you still want normal combat, since constantly refreshing AP allows insane chain-kills. Trying to do a flawless stealth run can get tedious, so having the ability to survive when things “go loud” is nice.

Blood is ideal for a stealth speedrun, due to good stat spread and infinite throwing knives so you don’t have to luck into getting any; he also starts with good perks/traits to support a stealth throwing playstyle.

Vicki is the middle ground, but compensates by having four (semi-)unique talents compared to the one or two everyone else has.

Dual-wielded fully modded uzis are devastating with her due to the absurd base damage buff from her first talent, she can get two stealth kill attempts per trigger pull with two suppressed weapons thanks to her second semi-unique Ambidextrous trait, she comes with a unique repairable multi-tool for stealthy entries and loot containers as her third “talent”, and she passively repairs all her equipped gear for free while traveling as her fourth talent to save time and resources.

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