Lethal Company – Monsters, Threats and How to Die to Them

My solo experience and other collected information of the Bestiary and Dangers over time.


This is the information I’ve gathered from my solo experience of the game, and scraps of information I gained from the many other people’s deaths in this game.

This is what I see the threats as, instead of what the game sees it as. Expect to die, or sacrifice your friends to the abyssal creatures for your own (temporary) safety.

Bestiary + Threats

Biological Creatures and Threats

Most (if not all) of these can traverse the hallway jumps in bunkers

The Developer may have also updated the game with more randomness as there are known cases of Tree men and Dogs spawning as early as 1PM on normal conditions, and Thumpers like to spawn more often.

Manticoils – 0% Threat (Birbs)

Just flying creatures for the background that you can scan. Hints at being dangerous on the in-game bestiary if provoked, but haven’t been able to yet.

Circuit Bees – 10% Danger (Safe, but BEEcareful)

They will be guarding their nests on the ground, which are worth between 80-160 Credits. These are generally docile until provoked, but have a very small aggro range so don’t feel too scared when they come to attack you, just walk away. However, if you plan on taking the nest (Two-handed) for loot then make sure you take this LAST, and that you have a teammate on the ship ready to take off as soon as you get it back on the ship. They will make a BEEline straight towards you and all your friends. Good loot for the beginning of the game though.

Hoarding/Loot Bugs – 20% Danger (Moon Goblins)

Cute little creatures, you almost want one as a pet. That’s the previous Sigurd’s Bestiary members’ first and last mistake.

These little goblins will find any loot they can and claim it as their own, even the loot in your hands is not safe. Whilst generally neutral and curious creatures, they will get aggressive and start flying and clawing at you if you “steal” their loot or if you touch them. They usually have a set zone they mark as a nest and leave all their loot in. These are theirs. Don’t leave your loot at the door on the inside of the bunker, leave it on the outside.

You can use a shovel to dissuade or potentially kill these creatures, but only do this if worth the loot and with a group.

Bunker Spiders – 75% Danger (Creepy Crawly Camper)

Giant spiders nearly the size of a human. This alone is scary enough for most people and can destroy the rest of the teams morale if all the brave and fearless people are dead.

These are generally slow when traversing so they struggle to give chase, and you usually know when they are nearby based on the random webs that are left in hallways… Those are the only good parts.

These things like to stick to the walls and near doorways, and come to eat you when you step in their webs. Whilst their webs are easily broken by a shovel, the spider will only shrug off this attack and eat you and anyone else alive that is still beating on it. Instant kills, expect no remorse. They can also use vents to move around the map, and are pretty noisy doing so, but are rare cases when this does happen.

Whilst capable of being surprised, causing them to stop and freeze as a defence mechanism, not a reliable mechanic.

Bracken / Flower man – 60% Threat Co-op / 200% Threat Solo (Stare into the abyss, and the abyss stares back)

Described as having red-beat skin, but is practically a shadow with white eyes inside the bunkers. These are humanoids with advanced speed and traversing, whilst also being dead quiet until seen. You won’t know you are being chased until you turn around.

These aren’t much of a threat with groups as they only move to attack once they know that no one is looking in the direction they want to move. Once alone, you will be constantly looking all around you as they are intelligent enough to use the maze-like hallways to avoid your sight. Your only way of knowing they are coming for you are when they open doors. Yes, they can open doors like any human could, so close them for warnings.

If you think they are only a threat for people alone, then you are wrong. Once they are trapped in corners or stared at for too long, they become very aggressive and will attempt to kill you all.

Also drags bodies to dead ends.

The Worm – 100% Threat (Outside Only/Oh no)

Generally spawn in at the beginning of the game jumping out the ground as a warning, they can spawn at any moment past 3 pm. The worm is as big as the ship, capable of launching itself out the ground when it has found a target. If the ground below you is shaking or making a weird noise, drop your heavy loot and run. Might be weak to the Boombox, no accurate testing so far.

Make sure you have stamina. Shows up on the radar. May also make it impossible to recover a body and their items once eaten.

Blind Dogs – 60% Threat (Outside only/Bane of Ship Operators)

These are weird dog-like beasts bigger than humans with a venus flytrap mouth. These are completely blind and can only hear you, meaning they can quite literally walk next/into you and you will be fine as long as you don’t make a noise or move. If they are running at you then run to your left or right, as their first attack tends to be a dive towards you. Afterwards, it is up to you whether to run or stay silent.

Have been runs where they stay at the ship just to be annoying. Boombox attracts them.

Snare Fleas/Ceiling Dwellers – 80% Threat Alone and Shoveless / 10% Threat with Shovel and Teammates (Hello there)

These are worm-like creatures that like to hide out on the ceiling of hallways, waiting to drop onto their prey or chase after them if they miss. Strangely fast once in chase, you will only survive with a teammate who has a shovel once they latch on. Capable of attaching to ceilings of hallways you’ve been through within seconds of you going to a new room. Paranoia is your new friend.

If you see an open vent, there is most likely one of these nearby. Sometimes you can hear them open or use these vents to get around, and make a very subtle noise when waiting for their prey. Keep one eye up.

Personal Documentation: Grabbed but only strangled to very low health. Was standing still at the time… random?

Forest Keepers/The Tree Men – 100% Threat / 300% Threat with Dogs (Outside only)Why?)

These are giant humanoid beings that tower over you like a tree. The brain of a child, superior strength, good eye sight, and scary speed. You will most likely hear their stomping before you see them, and if you see them then make sure to keep out of sight-line, or they will take an interest in you. They won’t grab you in shelter or any small spaces with overhangs. They don’t wish to eat you for sustenance, they merely want to put you into their mouth out of curiosity of what you are and feel like.

This has ended runs before, and multiple can spawn. Even more dangerous when mixed with the Blind Dogs. Always spawns on tree maps after 3pm.

Once eaten by these beings your body and items cannot be recovered. Avoid dying to this at all costs, preferable die to anything else.

Frog Monster/Thumper – Threat 80% (The Hallway Terror)

A weird frog-like creature missing its back legs since it eats it at birth. Big mouth, Strong Legs, Athletic Sprinter. These creatures are fast in long corridors, but slow down on turns. Appears to struggle with its hearing and can see at long distances. Pretty loud and roams a lot and will most likely kill one of your teammates during one of your scavenge runs.

This was once killed remotely by a door after a noble sacrifice (The Streamer Tomato was brutally killed and screaming in terror after it jumped over a pit, saving his fellow teammate). Sadly the body of the creature was not looked over or brought back after a lack of bravery and extreme panic, not allowing us to see whether these creature bodies are worth money. Logged evidence, need more time to replicate. (Possible sacri- distractions required?)

Stay out of hall ways if you hear loud steps.

Spore Lizard – Threat 25% (Shy Guy)

A rarely seen creature that looks similar to the Frog Monster. Seems skittish, but curious. They are very defensive and will turn aggressive when chased or attacked. As long as it is not followed it will not be a threat. Can be annoying to get around.

Coil Head – Threat 75% (SCP-173-Bobble Head)

Humanoid… model(?) with a bobble head that causes noise when it stops. Not a major threat, but is capable of going through doors after a while and very fast. This is only capable of moving when not being visually seen, and stops when someone is looking at it. Seems to dislike loud sounds or bright lights.

Doors are your ally.

Hygrodere – 50% Threat (Goopy)

A big blue and purplish slime that moves slowly on the ground towards any signs of life (and somehow across pits with magic). If stepped on, will immediately dissolve you. You can seek safety on railings or anything that takes you off the ground, but trapping it behind doors or running is preferable.

Has once stayed at the bunker entrance waiting for unprepared scavengers to ignore the “warning, entity nearby” when they look at the entrance door and then get dissolved as they enter. Documented and verified through a clip of the streamers “Tomato”, “Strippin”, “Gmart”, and “KingBendrick” as to when their run ended from it.

Personal documentation and experimentation – Don’t smack with shovel. Very angry blob.

Roaming Locusts – 0% Threat (Who?)

Just locusts. Might cause noise when dissipated?

The Jester – 120% Threat (The Clown)

Appears as a wind-up box following you through the map, but will slowly start winding up overtime. If you hear it winding up… make sure you’ve left the bunker before its done. It will find you, and it will kill you.

Don’t be distracted by the legs.

Possibly more to be catalogued in the future with more information. Next are the non-biological threats.

Other Threats

This is a catalogue of other threats that aren’t biological or necessarily living, and perhaps an add onto the current threats.

Turrets – 50% Danger (Potential team wipe if greedy or just bad placement)

Watched many a people get slaughtered by these things. Dangerous in long corridors and the gun turns at about an angle of 180 Degrees. The gun won’t activate when in view of the angle of the turret, but instead of where the gun is currently facing. If this is in a long hallway, but there are the normal and mechanical doorways between you and the turret, you can use the sides of these doorways to take cover. You can also temporarily deactivate these from the ship if someone is in the terminal.

Extra Info:

  • Hitting the turret with a shovel will make it panic shoot in a 360 degree angle.
  • Has been known to detect and shoot through walls, so don’t feel bad reloading your save. (bug)

Land Mines – 25% Danger / 100% Threat when obscured (Has killed multiple people in one go)

These make a beeping noise to alert you that they exist near your location. They are big circular disks on the ground with a red light that flickers on and off. Be careful of corners and running through steam/low visibility areas.

Girl with a Red Polka Dress – 50% Danger (The Red Menace)

This is a secret threat that only appears in the mansion (A dimension that rarely appears when you enter the entrance of a bunker). If you go near/physically touch her, you will die. Causes distortions. Can appear outside the bunker but rare. Skips around, whistles, talks creepily. Normal Moon Problems.

Steam Valves – 25% Threat + Added on with Threats in map / By itself 0% Threat (The creatures are waiting for you)

The low visibility and noise caused by the damaged valves can make it very difficult to see and hear whats ahead. By itself this is no danger in any way, you can just can just turn off the steam being generated by following the steam noise to where it is loudest and cranking the valve.

With other threats… you aren’t going to like this.

Doors – 0% or -50% Threat Solo / 100% Threat Co-op + Added on Threats in map (When doors are friends and fiends)

This is including normal unlocked and locked doors, as well as mechanical remote doors.

By yourself, you can use doors to know when a creature is coming or nearby, or even as a way to remember the way back. With teammates there will be; panic opening and closing doors to escape monsters, remote doors trapping you with monsters or crushing you via teammate, no way to know if a teammate or monster has been in an area, lose track of where you are by all the opened doors, or at a dead-end with a locked door which might be your end.

Pits – 50% Threat + Added on Threats (Got stamina?)

Can feel bad solo when you fall, annoying in co-op when a friend dies in a pit, or just funny. A threat for you, but not for the monsters who hunt you. In fact, they welcome you to use the pit when you’re running.

Teammates – a -25% Threat per teammate (Meat Shields)

Whilst it is a very good idea to have teammates in general and lower the threat of you dying to creatures, always keep an eye out for the situations they get you into, and know who is more likely to keep you alive. They could be the reason you don’t make it back.

Stormy/Rain/Fog – 75% Threat (Expect the unexpected)

Generally just avoid maps with modifiers, its never worth the extra risk. With rain, the map will bar access from some access points and also slightly raise the water-level over time, which slows you down. Having stormy is extra death, as the lightning will strike anything metallic you’re holding out in the open (most loot). Fog will make it very hard for you to see where you are going, and very good for the Blind Dogs that love to hear you. The bad weather conditions even make the monsters spawn a few hours earlier as extra danger.

Time Itself – 5% Threat per hour (Time is against you)

Time goes deceptively fast in this game, and after 3-5pm the creatures outside can and will start spawning. Once it is midnight, the ship will leave you and anyone else behind if you don’t make it back on time.

Store Drop Pod – 10% Threat (Patience, or be pancaked)

Just the drop pod that lands when you order things from the store. If this lands on you or a teammate, you die. Body is recoverable so no harm done.

Company Sell Point – 1% Threat (The Company Loves You, So Love It Back)

Don’t Loiter. That’s all.

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