Palworld – Fast End Game

How to reach endgame fast!


First Step:

Capture Vixy (windstep hills)

Second Step:

Reach level 15 and get on a flying mount

Third Step:

Build a second base. Your main goal is to automate pallball productioin metrials.

Forth Step:

Breed flying mount with Swift and Runner.

Fifth Step:

Build a ton of egg incubators and start gathering eggs to help with your leveling.

Sixth Step:

Start to build a team that you will use to capture legenday pals.

Seventh Step:

Kill the Black Market Npc. This will give you gold and experience. Use the gold to buy more pals.

Eighth Step:

Build a Base close to jetragon. You will need to capture 3 to 4 of them.

Final Step:

Reach Level 50. Rotate jetragons Riding damage ability to Annihilate the tower bosses.

Endgame Team Options:

Nothing you breed including other legendary can compare to a regular Jetragon. The riding ability damage is unmatched.

Created by Scorpius

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