Palworld – Tip to Create Multiple Pals with Good Traits

How to Create Multiple Pals with Good Traits

I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about the “ultimate breeding guide” but there is something that never gets mentioned.

Lets suppose you have a Chikipi with lucky and you want to transfer it to other pals. The best option is NOT to look for the smallest chain of breeding (If you are thinking about breeding multiple pals with that trait). You should always focus on bringing that trait from a high breeding power pal to a low breeding power pal (The lower the breeding power, the better).

Transfering traits from “strong” pals to “weak” ones is much easier than the oposite.

Since the breeding power of the resulting pal is (mostly) the average of the parents, the best option is to breed that Chickpi with the lowest possible breeding power pal you have available. After that you repeat the same thing again and again until you get as close as possible to the breeding power of the parent with the lowest breeding power.

When this is done you will have a low breeding power pal with that trait, which is much easier to transfer to almost any pal. Keep it in the palbox and use it whenever you need to.

The easiest pals to get with low breeding power are: Helzephyr, Grizzbolt, Beakon, Orserk and Relaxaurus. The absolute best ones for this are Blazamut and the Suzakus (Breeding score even lower than the legendaries).

Going back to that scenario, assuming you have a Grizzbolt available, you could do:

  • Chikipi (1500) + Grizzbolt (200) = Digtoise (850)
  • Digtoise (850) + Grizzbolt (200) = Penking (520)
  • Penking (520) + Grizzbolt (200) = Pyrin (360)
  • Pyrin (360) + Grizzbolt (200) = Relaxaurus (280)
  • Relaxaurus (280) + Grizzbolt (200) = Orserk (140)

You might notice that the chain is longer, but the resulting pals are much, much easier to breed with others (since they will only require a high breeding power pal to create almost any other pal). This is great if you want to create an OP party.

I dont know if this will work for you but for sure did for me.

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