Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Real Corrupted Monk (Boss Guide)

Real Corrupted Monk

  • Location : Fountainhead Palace
  • Deathblow Markers : 3
  • Reward : Battle Memory Dragon’s Tally Board
  • Optional : no
  • Best prosthetic tools : Firecracker
  • Best skill art : Nightjar Slash


In first phase she has the same moveset as the illusion, with the difference that her posture regeneration is not as high as the other one. It`s possible to break the posture without attacking but I don`t really recommend to use any Prosthetic in the first phase (Fistfull of Ash keeps working). The Prosthetic will be useful later.

Second phase always start with the same attack (Corrupted Monk disappears into the fog and summons a dark illusion of herself to fight. Every illusion will attack once and disappear after. Gradually she will stop doing this attack).Besides this new start, everything else is almost the same as first phase.

Third phase is the harder one for this boss and counts on new attacks as:

  • A running sweeping attack. Best way to evade this attack is jumping on her (what will deal posture damage). This is usually the move that she will do when you are trying to maintain the distance.
  • Her jumping attack has been replaced by a triple spinning attack that will hit you way harder and faster.
  • She will throw terror ash from time to time (Between combos she will throw ashes or some short of dirt)
  • In this phase she can use spinning javelin five times again. This move can be sometimes followed by an spinning jumping attack that was mentioned before. Be sure to dodge this attack or she will break your posture.

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