Starfield – Can’t Find a Quest in Your Log? Try The All Tab

For some reason, certain quests are ONLY displayed under the “All” tab in your quest log and CANNOT be found in ANY other sorted category.

Origin and Solution

Note: Credit goes to The Spartan

It took me about 145 hours to notice this but for some reason, A LOT of quests (yes, plural) DO NOT appear in ANY other sections except the “All” tab, especially the ones in which you need to deliver X amount of resources to a certain location/person, but I’ve also noticed some quests that should technically belong and show up in the “Misc” or “Activities” tab ONLY appearing in the “All” tab exclusively for some reason…and I doubt it’s just me or just on my end, which is why I’m sharing this information.

So if you think there’s a quest that should exist in your log but you can’t find it under any other section, or if you want to make sure you’re not missing out on any quests (since a lot of them show up ONLY in the “All” tab for some odd reason), simply have a look at the “All” tab and begin scrolling. At least that section shows literally every quest, both available and completed.

This basically goes for everyone – until a patch or update (or a mod) will fix this (hopefully), checking the “All” tab from time to time ensures that you don’t miss out on any quests that only appear there when in theory they should be in another section but aren’t.

And if you’re anything like me (someone who takes 15 different quests first and ONLY AFTERWARDS starts doing them one by one) then you’ll definitely need to keep an eye out on the “All” tab for some of them which may not appear anywhere else in your quest log, to not risk missing out since there’s a possibility, depending on multiple factors and variables, that some quests may expire, some may be tied to others, some may be in the same location and if you didn’t know that, you might end up traveling back a forth a lot etc.

One Example Out Of Many

In the photo below you can see that I’ve selected the “All” tab (1) and every quest in the photo (except for “SUPPLY XENON” which belongs in the “Mission” tab) belongs in the “Misc” tab as shown by their blue stylized square icon.

Now then:

  • I’ve chosen the “DRYDOCK BLUES” mission (3)
  • The mission is below the “SUPERFAN” mission (2)
  • It is also above the “BARE METAL” mission (4)
  • Basically, the mission is between “SUPERFAN” (2) and “BARE METAL” (4)
  • And once more, all of these are supposed to be categorized as “Misc” quests due to the nature of their blue stylized square icon

So far so good, right? Well, not really, as you will notice the issue at hand in a matter of moments by taking a look at the second photo below.

In this one:

  • The tab selected is “Misc” (1) where all of the three missions mentioned above should be
  • However, there is no “DRYDOCK BLUES” (no 3 here) mission present
  • As a matter of fact, there is no mission between “SUPERFAN” (2) and “BARE METAL” (4) where “DRYDOCK BLUES” should be (again, no 3 here)
  • And I know what you’re thinking but I’ve scrolled through the entire “Misc” tab thinking that the missing quest might be somewhere below, with no luck

And again, this is just one example. I have encountered a few others and for all I know, other people may have encountered even more, so just make sure to check the “All” tab at least every once in a while.


Always check the “All” tab in your quests log for any potential quests that MAY NOT SHOW UP in a specific tab like “Misc” or “Activities” etc.

Not sure why some quests are not assigned a specific section and instead ONLY show up in the “All” tab, but nevertheless, at least EVERY SINGLE QUEST you “pick up” WILL show up in the “All” tab, so you shouldn’t miss a single one if you check the “All” tab regularly.

Again, though, this might differ from person to person depending on your playstyle, since some people get a quest and immediately start it while other people gather 20 quests first and then start them from the top, one by one etc. (and that’s where you might run into this situation)

A Little “Quest Log” Bonus Feature

For those of you who don’t know, in the bottom right corner of the quests log you’ll find the option to switch between the game showing you your currently tracked quest in a blue hexagon and every other quest in a white hexagon at the same time (Show All Targets), and the option of ONLY seeing your currently tracked quest in the aforementioned blue hexagon (Show Only Active Targets).

You’d be surprised how many of us completely miss these small things but then again the game is huge in all aspects and most of the time it doesn’t really give us a helping hand, leaving us to discover new things each day, ranging from menus to missions etc.

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