Starfield – Making Credits & Moving Contraband Guide

Making Credits & Moving Contraband

Obtaining Credits by Taking All Weapons

A nice and easy way to gain credits is by investing in the Weight Lifting skills and looting every weapon you find using their Value/Weight to optimise gains. Weapons become more valuable as enemies level up as their drop tables expand and unlock new items. During the early game you’ll find a lot of Grendels, Marauders etc… but later on you’ll start getting lots of shiny laser and EM weapons which sell very well.

Looting Chests & Gravpicking

A great way to get legendaries and high-value loot is by levelling up the Security skill and unlocking everything with a lock. If it has a lock, it will have a better drop table, this further increases as the lock level does. E.g. Loot from a Novice chest will most likely be much worse than that of a Master level chest.

How to be the best smuggler in the Galaxy

Contraband is an miscellaneous item that is not allowed into major cities, upon grav warping to the airspace of a major city you will be scanned. If contraband is on your player then you will be instantly caught. However, to bypass security and to be sneeky breeky you can install a ‘Shielded Cargo’ module on your ship. Shielded cargo acts as cargo and will prioritise contraband over normal items.

In order to obtain Shielded Cargo modules you need to first invest in the Starship Design skill and then go to a company-specific staryard. At these specific star yards they will offer these modules.

With contraband and some Shielded Cargo modules installed, head to any of the major cities and locate a ‘Trade Authority’ store. They will all buy your contraband. It is recommended to level up the Commerce skill which increases the amount of credits you get from selling items.

Obtaining Contraband 1 – Repeatable Looting of the Almagest

The Almagest is a casino that houses 3 locked containers, a science crate and a contraband crate. Once looted, after 7 days it can be re-looted.

The importance of this is the contraband crate, it will contain approximately 60,000 credits worth of items for you to sell at an Authority Post. Bare in mind that you only get a fraction of the actual items worth.

Please Note: More info about Starfield factions and their questlines! This guide will help you not only transport contraband and earn money in one faction or another, but also complete their quests.

You can find it right next to the starting location within the solar system Olympus’ planet Nesoi.

Some Tips:

  • An easy credit gainer is to pick up all weapons you find and sell them.
  • Contraband items sell for a high price but require Shielded Cargo holds to get them past planet security.
  • Level up the Security skill early so you can unlock everything and get really good loot from the early game.
  • Learn how to do the Digipicking minigame because it’s very annoying during the first couple of times.
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