Sun Haven – Race and Profession Guide (Best Choices)

Obvious choices and pairings for races/perks and professions. 7 options of Races, and 10 options of Professions, although some are more clear as choices.

Best Choices of Race and Profession

The Obvious 4 Pairings Are Likely:

  • (Race) – (Perk) – Profession).
  • Human – Crafting – Tool Master.
  • Demon – Speed – Explorer.
  • Elemental – Restore Mana – Spellcaster.
  • Naga (Mermaid) – Fishing – Angler.

Each of these Races directly pair with a profession, and would be optimal in terms of lore and logic.

While, there are 3 Good Pairings for Duelist:

  • Elf – Crossbow damage.
  • Angel – Health restore.
  • Amari (Animal) – Attacks Restore Health.

Why there are so many good pairings for this profession alone, we may never know.

Then there are Professions that could pair well with any race, such as:

  • Royalty.
  • Baker.
  • Farmer.
  • Orchard Farmer.
  • Rancher.

Although, my personal favourites are:

Races which have perks that are fun while playing alone and with friends, and Professions that keep their worth long after their items and money are gone.

These include: (Races with passive effects, and Professions with permanent increases.)

  • Races (with Passive effects): Human (Crafting), Elf (Crossbow Damage), Amari (Attacks Restore Health), and Naga (Fishing).
  • Professions (with permanent increases): Explorer (Speed), Spellcaster (Mana), Duelist (Health).
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