Victoria 3 – Ottoman Starting Guide

In this guide you can make Ottoman strong again shortly.

How to Start as Ottoman


As the game begins, we control the generals in our army and retire those who are not jingoists. Then we remove the aristocrats from the government and exile Mehmed Emin Rauf Pasha. Since he has a moderate view, he will switch to a random view when we exile him. Our goal here is to start the game over until the “abolitionist” or “market liberal” ideology arrives.

We quickly pass the professional army decision with our Jingoist Leader. Then we call Mehmet Emin Rauf Pasha back to the country and give him the leadership of the aristocrats. With Mehmed Emin Rauf Pasha coming to power, we quickly replace serfdom with the “homesteading” law and abolish slavery.

Meanwhile, we are building between 3 and 5 construction sectors. Then we build the iron mine necessary for these. As we will pay attention to in all construction you must mine iron mines in different places until a level 1 city center is formed.

Tanzimat-ı Hayriyye

Tanzimat starts with the event that occurs when the game starts. What we need to do is reform the military, bureaucratic reform and take back Syria and Egypt. Due to the possibility of one of them failing, we must also construct the buildings separately to form a level 1 city center for the urbanization task.

Military reform: In order to successfully pass this reform, we need to research “General Staff”. We must upgrade all irregular soldiers in the army and switch to the training method.

Bureaucratic reform: After abolishing slavery and passing the Homesteading Act, we quickly move on to the Agricultural Act. We are changing our tax law to “per-capita tax”.

Syria and Egypt: Taking back Syria and Egypt is easier than the old slopes. What you need to do is develop 20 relations with Prussia, Austria, England and France at the beginning of the game. Raise your irregular soldiers and attack with attack trait generals or directly invade Egypt by sea.

Our aim in the first war will be to take our lands with the return state, break the Hejaz vassalage and receive war compensation. We choose the +30 relationship bonus with European countries with the event that appears when the first war starts.

In the second war, we again take our Return State lands, receive war compensation, open the Egyptian market and abolish slavery.


When the game starts, Tunisia, Wallachia, Moldavia and Serbia start as Protectorates. We need to develop relations with all of them except Tunisia. In this way, we will be able to get more money by quickly turning them into vassals. When we reach 50 relationships, we should reduce their autonomy. There is no need for this for Tunisia, you can do this as soon as the game starts.

If you have done the things mentioned in other titles, you have now largely healed the sick man of Europe. You can industrialize quickly and create the kebab game you want.

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