Victoria 3 – Pop Needs and Goods Substitution Guide

The different pop needs, what goods that they require, and what they can be substituted for.


All pops in Victoria 3 have various needs depending on their wealth level, and require goods to fulfil those needs.

They do not need all goods, and any good from each category can be substituted completely for another (With a different value depending on the item’s base price.)

At the moment this is not made very clear by the game, and you have to dig through multiple tooltips to find this information. That’s why I’ve organised it into this handy guide, sorted by the wealth level of the pops.

Pop Needs vs Wealth Diagram

I’ve made this graph to help visualise the different pop needs by wealth.

Heating (All Wealth Levels)

Intoxicants (All Wealth Levels)

Simple Clothing (Wealth 1-14)

Basic Food (Wealth 1-29)

Crude Items (Wealth 5-14)

Standard Clothing (Wealth 10-39)

Household Items (Wealth 10-44)

Services (Wealth 10+)

Free Movement (Wealth 15+)

Luxury Drinks (Wealth 15+)

Luxury Items (Wealth Level 15+)

Communication (Wealth 20+)

Luxury Food (Wealth 20+)

Art (Wealth 30+)

Created by Monotone

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