Victoria 3 – Why Buildings Don’t Produce?

Help with Buildings That Won’t Produce?

Probably materials that are required for those buildings to work are too expensive for it to make a profit (the end product doesnt make the profit because its cheaper).

So building ends up in net negative, meaning it cannot pay its workers, meaning it cannot work.

Two reasons for it to happen:

  1. Your market is all screwed up and you should follow closer watch at your market and its prices, you need to up the production of those input materials first
  2. Connection of said province to the market is not 100% making those input materials more expensive

In both cases you can subsidise the factory until you resolve your issue, it will cut in your weekly revenue, but it will keep those factories working, people wont get fired, they wont radicalise, will actually continue to work on the end product (meaning it wont break the rest of your economy which in turn it saves you a lot of money even if you “lose” on subsidising.

In general its better to subsidise in second case scenario, because building up infrastructure is easier and cheaper than fixing your market.

There is a third and rare but nastiest scenario that can happen, and that is combination of both cases along with third problem, and that is that said province in general doesnt have enough workforce to hire the people in lets say port or railway, which will keep your infrastructure in weird death loop and low, making things more expensive in that province, meaning railways cannot hire, lower infrastructure, more expensive, less workers and so on.

The last scenario means you have overbuilt that province, and you can only fix it by razing least productive factories and keep railways along with anything else province can sustain with workforce, yes it will cause some radicals, but thats the price you pay for bad governmental work, your country complains.

One way of increasing eligible workforce is to build university in said province or at leasing close to it if its too early and your economy cannot take universities yet, thats why you build in your largest provinces early anyways even though its not “best profit”.

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