Warframe – The Quadshot Wonder / Kuva Quartakk

This guide shows recommended builds for the Kuva Quartakk against all factions in Warframe. On top of these builds are recommended mods and arcanes that fit well with the weapon.


These builds do a heavy amount of damage at medium to long range against all factions up to level 140 in small to medium crowds. This weapon can work at close range and large crowds, but is a lot slower in these circumstances.

Weapon Information

Information about the weapon:

  • The Kuva Quartakk is obtained from either vanquishing a Kuva Lich or trading from another player, a Kuva Lich that they conquered.
  • Has a mastery rank requirement of 13.
  • The weapon has a max rank of 40. In order to obtain this level the player must forma the weapon at least 5 times, due to this feature the player gains a total of 4,000 mastery points. The builds in this guide require 3 forma.
  • This weapon is either full auto when fired from the hip or 4 round burst while aiming.

Kuva Element Recommendation

With this weapon you get the option of having a bonus Kuva Element which caps at 60% based off the progenitor warframe you choose to spawn the Kuva Lich.

My recommended Kuva Element would be:

  • Toxin – Toxin is incorporated into my Corpus build, in which toxin deals 50% base damage per second for 6 seconds.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

Stats about the weapon:


  • High Critical Chance at 21% when fired from Hip and 31% while aiming
  • High Status Chance at 33% when fired from Hip and 27% while aiming
  • High Accuracy while aiming at 90.9
  • Highest burst damage of all Burst-Fire Rifles
  • Very High Critical Multiplier while aiming at 2.3x
  • Innate 0.5m Punch-Through while aiming


  • Low Fire Rate in general
  • Hip-Fire has a Below Average Critical Multiplier at 1.9x
  • The weapon does poorly in close quarters due to the weapons zoom level, seen mainly against the Infested


Corpus: Up to Level 140

The Elements for the Kuva Quartakk against the Corpus will be Magnetic/Toxin. Magnetic amplifies shield damage by 100% and nullifies regen of shields for 6 seconds which stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%, meanwhile Toxin deals 50% base damage per second over 6 seconds. Because of the Magnetic Proccing every shot you will be able to damage health directly with the slash procs from Hunter Munitions. The Slash damage is greater against the Corpus with this weapon compared to just using Toxin to deal health damage.

Corrupted & Grineer: Up to Level 140

The Element for the Kuva Quartakk against the Corrupted and Grineer will be Viral. Viral amplifies health damage by 100% for 6 seconds and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 325%. Viral works really well with this weapon’s innate slash damage that it has, but sadly it needs Hunter Munitions in order to really deal with high level Corrupted and Grineer.

Infested: Up to Level 140

The Element for the Kuva Quartakk against the Infested will be Viral…Yes Viral. Viral bypasses armor remember, so it works well against the fossilized infested, even though they aren’t weak to it, but what they are weak to is Slash. Hunter Munitions is extremely effective here and when it is mixed with the usual Corrosive status it just doesn’t do as well as Viral.

Alternative Mods

Recommended Mods:

  • Shred – If you don’t have Primed Shred.
  • Hammer Shot – In place of Vital Sense if you want more Status Chance with the Sacrifice of Critical Damage.
  • Bladed Rounds – In place of Primed Shred if you want Critical Damage upon kill with the Sacrifice of additional Punch through and Fire Rate.

Non-Recommended Mods:

  • Heavy Caliber – I do not recommend this mod due to how inaccurate it makes your shots. While up close it is decent, but when you are farther than even 15m it is terribly inaccurate.

Ways to increase Critical Chance and Damage

There are several ways to enhance Critical Chance and Damage for this weapon:


  • Rhino’s Roar adds bonus damage
  • Nova’s Molecular Prime makes all sources of damage increase by 100% against primed enemies, on top of that they will detonate upon death dealing blast damage.
  • Mirage’s Eclipse mixed with her Hall of Mirrors adds a massive damage bonus during the day or in light.

Critical Chance:

  • Harrow’s Covenant can add up to 50% Critical Chance and 200% on headshots.
  • Adarza Kavat with Cat’s Eye can give a 60% Critical Chance boost within 25m.
  • Smeeta Kavat with Charm can give 200% Crit Chance.

Recommended Arcanes

  • Arcane Rage – On Headshot, 15% chance for 180% damage to Primary Weapons for 24 seconds.
  • Arcane Primary Charger – On Melee Kill, 30% chance for 300% damage to Primary Weapons for 12 seconds.
  • Arcane Avenger – Upon damaged, 21% chance for 45% Critical Chance for 12 seconds.
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