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Welcome to the guide to Among Us. It’s a simple to assume independent game, which has recently gained great popularity. It is available on PC, and on Android and iOS phones you can download it for free.

The title from InnerSloth studio is based on cooperation or acting against a group of players in secret – depending on which role we draw before the round.

Interface and On-screen Markings

It is worth knowing the markings and elements of the HUD before you enter the first online game. This way, you immediately know what to pay attention to. Let’s start with the interface visible when playing as Crewmate.

  • 1 – The task status bar (at the top) and the list of your tasks to perform (below).
  • 2 – Yellow borders are surrounded by those objects and places you have to use to complete a task.
  • 3 – Name of the area you are in (useful to tell later where you saw another player or body.
  • 4 – Game options (at the top) and location map (below).
  • 5 – Reporting button, to be used when you see the body of a murdered person.
  • 6 – Interaction button, to be used when you use the devices you are using to perform tasks.

Look at the Impostor

  • 7 – The Impostor also sees the overall progress of the crew tasks (at the top) and has a false list of fake tasks (below)
  • 8 – Players who can be killed have a red border.
  • 9 – The Kill button (left) is used to murder a player and the Sabotage button (right) is used to sabotage, i.e. to spoil some elements of the base.

How to Play to Win?

The gameplay in Among Us is at first glance uncomplicated, but due to the presence of other players it is not possible to plan it in such a way as to win every time. However, you can significantly increase your chances of winning, which is also discussed in this chapter – both from the perspective of the crew member and the impostor.

Depending on who you will play in Among Us – crewman or cheater (Impostor) – the game will differ significantly. In case of a crew member, there are several rules to remember:

Perform tasks. Each of the crews has their own list of tasks to perform. If everyone completes them, the progress bar will load to the end and the Impostors will lose.

Stay close to others. The more players around you, the harder it will be for the crook to kill one of you. Running alone usually ends badly.

Do not ignore sabotages. Fraudsters will regularly sabotage the base. Here you have to pay special attention to the O2 and Reactor rooms – in case of sabotage you have 30 seconds to repair, if you don’t make it, the whole match will end with the impostors winning.

Report problems. If you find a corpse, report it immediately. It is worth looking around – if another player has run out of the room with a corpse, there is a good chance that he is the impostor.

Talk to the rest of the team. Almost at any time you can start a discussion and vote to communicate with the rest of the team and get all the information. This will help you to choose the impostor.

Do not trust anyone. If you are not absolutely sure that a player is a crewman – you have seen him do the job – you must assume that he may be a impostor. Never be alone with anyone, not even a seemingly trusted player – because he may suddenly stick a knife in your back.

Use the Security and Admin rooms. In the first one you will find security cameras that will allow you to view several rooms. The second one will give you a preview on a map, where other players will be marked – if any icon disappears there suddenly, it means that a impostor killed someone there.

The game of impostor is completely different, because your goal is to kill all players. However, it is also worth remembering a few rules, such as:

Watch out for cameras . If a player is just sitting in the Security room, he can watch you through the cameras. If you commit such a murder or use a ventilation grid, you will probably be reported and thrown out of the ship.

Don’t do anything wrong. It is not an art to kill a player so that after 5 seconds someone will find the body and easily point you to the guilty party. Always look for the right opportunity. Kill players separated from the rest and above all when you are sure that the rest of the team is not around.

Do not kill immediately. It is worth refraining from killing to gain the trust of one or more players. Travel with someone and don’t kill them even if you are alone – this way the other person will decide that you are not an impostor, because you didn’t kill them when you had the chance. This will be useful during voting, especially in the final stages of the game.

Use the ventilation grids. Thanks to them you can move quickly – it is a great way to escape safely after a murder. Remember, however, that only scammers can use them – if another player notices you, they will definitely report you.

Sabotage the actions of the crews. As a fraudster you can sabotage numerous systems – turn off the lights, damage the O2 system or overheat the reactors. Some of these actions can lead to your victory if the crews do not deal with the fault – each of them will give you additional possibilities and chance to kill someone.

Work with other Impostor. There can be up to 3 of you in the game, so it is worth cooperating. One person can make a fuss in one part of the map, the other can murder somewhere else.

Sow chaos during the discussion. You can take part in discussions and votes, so use this to mix in other players’ heads – for example, accusing someone else of using air grids.

How to Use Maps?

The map is helpful especially at the beginning of our adventure with Among Us. With time, we learn by heart where all the specific rooms are – but at the beginning, peeking at the map is very useful.

It is also very simple, especially on a PC, looking at the map is convenient when we change the control from Mouse to Mouse & Keyboard in the options. Then we move the character with W, A, S and D keys, so we can walk around the location with the map enabled – we can’t do any actions only then.

Switch on the map with the button on the right side of the screen, under the option button.

On the map you always see the icon of your character . It changes its position in real time, so you can easily see where you are. Finally, golden exclamation mark icons mark the points where you have to do a task.

Get your area names so you can always tell in a chat room where you saw someone suspicious, if necessary. Unfortunately, during voting and deliberations it is not possible to turn on the map.

How to Avoid Death?

In Among Us your main task as a crew member will be to detect the Impostor before it can eliminate everyone. In this chapter, we tell you what to do and what to avoid in order to reduce the chance of death at the hand of the impostor.

In the game you are almost never 100% sure who exactly is a cheater, which imposes a style of play where you have to suspect everyone of bad intentions – that’s what the game is all about. To increase your chances of survival, just follow a few rules.

First of all, you must try to be in a larger group all the time. Performing tasks scattered all over the ship does not help, but there is nothing worse in the game than wandering around the ship on your own. It is very easy then to fall prey to a cheater. Try to have at least one additional player in your vicinity – and preferably several people.

Secondly, watch where there are tasks to be performed. In most cases, they are located in rooms with only one entrance – if you are inside and a crook gets in your way, you have no chance to survive.

The death meme in Electrical did not come from nothing – this place is ideal for impostors because after a murder it can quickly escape to the ventilation. While in this kind of place, look around and watch other players move. If someone is hanging around the entrance, try to get out of there as quickly as possible – as it is most likely an impostor preparing for a murder.

Another thing is to observe other players. Even though you don’t recognize the cheater directly, by looking at others you can catch a clue that will let you expose him. The cheater will probably be looking for a place to kill, preferably one on the sidelines. If you see someone jumping out of a ventilation shaft, report it immediately – only the Impostor can do this.

The Impostor can’t do the job either. So if he stands at a terminal for a few seconds and then moves away from it, and the task progress bar hasn’t even moved, it may mean he’s an impostor – and he was standing there just for a mistake. Of course, he may also be an ordinary player with a few steps, but very often it will be the hostile player.

The last thing you need to remember is to report the actions of others. If you find a corpse, report it as soon as possible – by the way, make sure that no other player came from the scene of the murder. If you have a suspicion about a particular person, go to the terminal in the main room and call a meeting. Present your arguments and hope that the players will listen to you – and that you are not mistaken.

Everything really breaks down into perceptiveness, planning your next activities and coordination within the team. The interplay, observing what is going on around you and immediately reporting any deviations will significantly increase your chances to win.

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