Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Romance Halsin Guide

Halsin Romance Guide

You must advance in Baldur’s Gate 3 before you have the opportunity to have a romantic session with Halsin. It’s also crucial to attempt to consider his approval while making judgments. There are several instances in the narrative and periods spent with Halsin at the campsite that might affect how he feels about you. He won’t care about you when it matters if you have a bad connection with him.

Here are some options you can do to encourage this.

  • Side with the Druids
  • Flirt with Halsin the night after destroying the Goblin Camp
  • Take his advice on how to get to the Shadow-Cursed Lands
  • Help him rid the Shadow-Cursed Lands of the Shadow Curse
  • If he is taken by Orin in Act 3, save him

Actions that decrease Halsin’s approval:

  • Betraying the Tiefling refugees to Minthara’s forces.
  • Actions harming nature or wild creatures.
  • Ignoring or trivialising his insights on Druidic beliefs.

Halsin is a good option for anyone who wants to experience what it’s like to be with a Druid, even if he takes a much more passive role than other romance alternatives.

If you are already in a relationship follow these dialogue options to pursue an open relationship:

  • “What are you saying exactly?”
  • “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested – but I’m already in a relationship.”
  • “You just want to share? What do you mean?”

Following this, it’s vital to involve your current partner in the conversation to ensure transparency and mutual understanding by using these dialogue options:

  • “I wanted to talk to you about us, and exclusivity in our relationship.”
  • “He’s open-minded and willing to share… as long as you are.”
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