Baldur’s Gate 3 – Devil’s In The Details Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock Devil’s In The Details Achievement / Trophy

Defeat Commander Zhalk on the nautiloid.

This is the only achievement I did NOT on a tactician, because on tactician the commander attacks twice, and only once on normal. I am sure there is a way to kill him on any difficulty, but i got tired and wasn’t in a mood for the savespamming.

So, some advice for this fight on normal

  • Do not start as Shadowheart because she is the only origin who will face the commander having only lae’zel at her side. if you start as lae’zel, you will meet some replacement gith on her place, but if you start as shadowheart, there is nobody in her pod, so her max party would have less companions than any other origin or tav, and you need all the help you can get
  • Collect every purple inflammable thing you can, place everything around the commander and set him on fire

This will probably injure him badly, but not kill, so you need to finish him with every character available for you.

Knowing that he is lvl 5 while you are lvl 1, you probably will miss a lot, and that’s where the normal difficulty comes through – if he can’t hit twice in a row he has less chances to wipe out everyone in 1 turn:

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