Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Respec (Find Withers)

How to Unlock a Respec Option

Unlocking the ability to Respec in Baldur’s Gate 3 is quite a simple task and you are more than likely to encounter the necessary NPC to unlock it just by exploring the first half of the game.

In fact, if you didn’t save Shadowheart from the pod on the Nautiloid, you’ll get a related side quest called Explore the Ruins. In short, you need to find Withers at the ruins on the starting beach – then, he’ll show up at your camp and offer to change your Class among other things.

Where to Find Withers

Withers can be found at the Dank Crypt, among the ruins just north of where you begin on the beach after the crash.

You can use Thieves Tools to lockpick the door directly north, or recruit Astarion and give him Thieves Tools to do it for you since he’s Proficient with them.

You can also take the path west to circle around, and find many other ways to get in, from knocking down the sack to break the floor below to convincing someone behind a door to let you in.

There are bandits waiting for you there, which you can fight, avoid, or convince to leave with a good enough Persuasion roll.

After you get in, be wary of traps (see How to Disarm Traps) , and at the very end of the ruins north find a button on a wall that will unlock the room with the sarcophagus that holds the mysterious undead, Withers, – and a group of skeletons. Defeat them and release Withers.

Check out the Explore the Ruins (Dank Crypt) for a more detailed guide for this mini dungeon!

Withers Dialogue Options

If you talk to Withers, he’ll ask you a set of questions, but none of your responses seem to matter – even if you attack him or ignore him, Withers will always make his way to your camp after unlocking him. Simply go to your camp now and speak to Withers and you’ll have unlocked the ability to Respec!

Respec Details

Changing your Class with Withers in Baldur’s Gate 3 costs a fixed amount of 100 gold, which may seem like a lot in the early stages of the game, so be sure to be wise about your choices early in the game.

When you change your class with Withers, you basically get to rebuild your character from the ground up, not including your Race or Background (or Appearance). You’ll be able to change your class, whatever features come with the class, some of your skills, and your ability scores. They’ll automatically swap to the recommended spread for whatever class you choose, but you can change them as you see fit as you could when first building the character.

Be sure to try out many different builds and class combinations with your party and figure out the one that works out the best with your playstyle!

Withers also lets you revive dead companions for 200g, and eventually, recruit up to 3 Hirelings for 100g each iif your party isn’t full – these characters don’t have the story flavor that Companions do, but they’re useful for filling in gaps in your party.

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