Dying Light 2 – Peacekeepers or Survivors

In this guide i will explain about good places of Dying light’s factions. I think you will explore new information about that. Remember… stay human.

Who Are You?

In this world even a man has opinion. Now this game can give you two choices. Do not forget, this game for 18+, people in this age have politic and other opinion.


The faction likes and respect discipline, power. Jack – peacekeepers leader, would like to Villedor’s General and teach all people how to live. If you man who like strong leader which would capture all Villedor and to be the strongest faction, if you like ammo, kill a lot of zombies this faction will like to you.


The faction likes freedom, man’s life, they would help to all people. Frank – night runners leader, would freedom and comfortable life for even a man of Villedor. All actions directed to improve life of people. If you man who like freedom, life without army discipline, and who likes word ” anarchy” will like this faction.


Peacekeepers’ Bonuses

This bonuses will very comfortable if you like parkour on the street, i mean on the ground. I have 3 games for the peacekeepers and i did not have problems at night becase i went on the roofs.

But this faction have reasons for to choose, i will tall later. Peacekeepers stronger than survivors.

Car traps — lures zombies when activated, and then explodes.

Razor cannon — a stationary turret that cuts all the snappers into pieces. This trap is comfortable because you can kill a lot of zombie.

Electric traps — when activated, it blocks the passage with a wall of electric current. When zombie run for you, this trap can safe your life, but you must be on the ground, because roofs without peacekeepers’ traps.

Crossbow Kit — The hero receives an automatic crossbow and a set of ammunition drawings for it. It is auto gun, i think it is very good, in final that helped me with renegats.

Molotov lamps — a shot at a lamp from a bow or a throw of a knife will bring down flames on everything around. I rarely use that near convoys with rich things for to clean from zombies.

The pendulum trap — a giant “log” in the spirit of the Predator movie. This trap look like very scary, for happy that is good thing, but Eiden very quickly for this trap, i think easily just run enemies.

UV trap — saves at night from the most terrible creatures. It is the best trap because on the ground really could safe you life.

Peacekeepers have things which do not talk in assignment of buildings.


After assignment of buildings and start windmill you can see on the ground towers with UV lamps.

In the city a lot of this towers, in the daytime near tower serve soldiers. When you will need to rest and hide, this towers will safe your life and you can resume night running.

Roofs have military posts, but it gives an atmosphere, at night i did not see they to serve. They can safe your life from gangsters, but i think they are not problem.

Plot Implications and About Faction’s Leaders


Aitor – real man, he is honest. Peacekeepers in small Villedor is very good, but in big have problems. I think in small Villedor Aitor is wright because he do not wnat to broke the bazaar. Sophie is terrorist in sheep’s skin, she can look like as common girl, but she have bad thoughts.

If you will for Aitor – Bazaar will broken.

Big Villedor

In this part of city you will see bad face of peacekeepers because Jack Matt is unhonest.

If peacekeepers get the Radio-Tower, they will do propaganda and you can posters and other parts of propaganda.

Peacekeepers’ radio – more soldiers on the streets, more deaths from an airstrike.

Peacekeepers attacked renegats fort – new zombie he is dangerous, new chemicals on the streets

In the end of plot you will find that Jack lied, he killed Jack witch was real man as Aitor. After Jack’s death girl-Major will leader. If you want to safe Frank – play for survivors.

You can decide – the sacrifices are in vain or not. City will safer than under the rule of Survivors. You can do according to the plot as the peacekeepers say, but do not open the dam.

I think that will the best world for peacekeepers.

Positive of Peacekeepers

  • You have a lot of support on the street
  • Towns with army and UV lamps do world safter
  • You get auto crossbow
  • Nights on the ground with bonuses are easier


Survivors’ Bonuses

This bonuses will very comfortable for people who do not want go down from roof, this people want parkout only roof, survivors build life in a roofs because think that zombie captured ground of the Villedor. Bonuses really facilitate parkour and make better. But you will strong on the roofs, on the ground without help. Survivors do not have UV towers.

Ziplines — simplify moving around the area. You can think that it is useless thing but really makes transfer from roof to roof easier.

Airbags — a kind of springboards to quickly jump on to roofs. Doing climp up and overcome easier.

Landing bags — and this is already in order to also quickly jump back down. Quickly descent and safty.

Survival revival — instead of the revival screen, you can now rely on the help of one of the survivors, who will help you get up after an unsuccessful fall or a fatal blow from a snapper. If i respawn at home that does not problem for me, may be yo do not want go to place of death.

Air vents — there are much more ventilation systems in the area that simplify paragliding.

Upgraded airbags — trampolines make it possible to jump even higher.

Two-way ziplines — sided cables – you can not only go down the cable, but also climb up. Comfartable thing for life on the roofs.

Plot Implications and About Faction’s Leaders


Sophie – terrorist in sheep’s skin, she really want good life for people of bazaar. She want you to blow up peacekeeper’s windmill, first attack. It is very bad, but that is only one chans to safe bazaar. For the best final you must to do it.

If you will for Sophie – bazaar will live.

Big Villedor

Leader of night runners – Frank, has problems with life, because he do not want to live after failed attempt to climp up Radio Tower, he lost friends. If you give Radio Tower to Frank he make “Radio of Freedom” for all people of Villedor. Frank will die if you will for peacekeepers.

If you give Radio-Tower Frank – fewer airstrike casualties, radio with music and good news.

In the combat after broke auto you will not fight because night runners will help you – if you safed Hakon, go to birthday Lawan’s friend, play for survivors.

Peacekeepers attacked renegats fort – new zombie he is dangerous, new chemicals on the streets.

In final of the game survivors will ruled under night runners. The best final of Dying light 2 is for survivors. But gameplay even roofs not suitable for everyone and people who like army and other i think so man will like peacekeepers.

Positive of Survivors

  • Bazaar will live
  • Parkour on the roofs will quickly
  • Frank will live
  • After the air attack, more people will survive
  • On a roofs you can see common life – people’s work and other, you will undestand that them life is better than before.

Your Choice.. Your World

Only your choice will decide how people will life and what kind of world they will live.

Peacekeepers – Strength, discipline, security

Survivors – Union, freedom, assistance

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