Gears 5 – Act II / Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Forest For The Trees)

Chapter 3 – Forest For The Trees

Note: There are 6 Collectibles in Act 2: Chapter 3

After dropping down, Marcus will radio. Move through the trees, following the path, until you reach a fallen tree. Duck under it and continue, then take a left to find the gate.

Duck through the hole in the large door to enter New Hope and Kait will have another vision.

Continue through the ruins (picking up the Boomshot and Frag Grenades along the way) and you’ll break out into the forest again.

Pass the Jameson Depot sign, into the woods on the right, then circle around to the left as the icy crags rain from the sky.

Continue until you reach the ledge, then give Del a boost and continue straight ahead and you’ll soon encounter another Stump.

The steady fire from the Stump will destroy the icy pillars you attempt to hide behind, so use Jack’s Stim, Shock Trap, or Flash to create openings to move, then take it out with heavy weaponry or any of the Relics you’ve found so far.

The foe will also periodically send out Leeches, so take those out with close-range attacks before resuming your assault. Once the Stump is dead, head up the steps and into the New Hope Research Facility.

Head left to continue. The door on the left leads to extra ammo and Frag Grenades, while the door on the right allows you to proceed further into the complex.

Duck into the broken section of wall and sidle through to reach the next area. Round the path to the left to find the door Marcus spoke of.

Take a right at the door and continue down the hallway until it bends left, then drop down from the ledge and you’ll enter a battle with a Warden.

The Warden is largely immune to damage, so shoot it in the head to knock its helmet off, then land headshots to deal damage. If you still have the Lancer GL you can also use the Grenade Launcher attachment to deal heavy damage, but you’ll need to lead the Warden a bit.

The Warden can also use extremely damaging jump attacks, so always be ready to dodge if it starts to get close. Take it out, then proceed through the pagoda where you the Warden appeared.

The house on the right is chock full of Juvies, and contains several Jack Components, but the critical path leads through the Cargo Area door on the left.

Note: If you enter the house on the right, you’ll also need to fight off another large wave of Juvies when you attempt to enter the Cargo Area door.

Head through the door and you’ll soon encounter a poisonous gas, so use Stim to get through unharmed, then proceed slowly to find a group of idle Rejects. Take them out stealthily as you proceed and use caution as you round corners, to avoid being taken by surprise.

Note: If you are seen by one Reject, but can kill it out of sight of the others, you can remain undetected (even if you killed it with weapons-fire) and resume stealth killing.

Although it isn’t necessarily the best path for pure stealth, follow the right-side wall for the shortest path with the fewest DeeBees.

There is a Tri-Shot leaning up against a desk in an area overflowing with toxic gas (you’ll see a gas-filled room on your left as you follow the right-side wall around). Use your Stim to reach it safely, as it will help in the next area.

At the far end, there is a doorway blocked by gas with two DeeBees beyond it. Stim through and take them out quickly, then continue around the corner to the left.

Open the door with Del’s help to reach the next area. If you follow the wall on the right, you’ll be able to collect some ammo and weapons, but you’ll soon be ambushed by a Flock.

Use the Tri-Shot to deal heavy damage and use Jack’s Shock Traps to defend yourself against errant Leeches so you can continue to fire at the Flock.

Once you’ve destroyed it, pick up whatever ammo you need, then bust through the double doors on the right side to reach the prison.

Follow the wall around to the right, then turn right once you reach the main hallway. Enter the morgue, then take a left to enter the hallway on the other side, where you’ll see a cracked door with light flickering on the other side.

Open the door to discover a child’s room, then mantle over the barrier to shatter the glass and enter the viewing area.

Move through the room and take the exit at the back, then turn left and follow the path to the right, then take the ladder at the end of the hall to find the lab.

Kait and Marcus will speak briefly after you discover the stasis tanks, so continue to move through the ruined pathway, then circle back to the left and proceed down the long hallway. Take a left at the end, then circle around and take the stairs down to the next floor.

Follow the path around to the right, then flip the lever below the big screen to activate a cutscene. After the cutscene concludes, roadie run out of the area, using your Stim to stay alive as the gas closes in.

The roof will collapse as the Flock and the gas wreak havoc on the structure, so cut left and keep running, following the sloping path until you bust through the doors and out into the snow.

DeeBees will emerge, so take them out, then move down the slope to the right. Vault up the ledge, then take cover and destroy the few Swarm Drones which appear, then move to the structure on the right.

Take cover and use long range weapons to take out the Drones in the next area, including a Sniper on the right side, then slide down the icy slope.

You’ll face a wave of Poppers and Rejects, so take them out, then head into the broken section of the building on the right side. Stim your way through the gas, then slide down the broken section of floor to initiate a cutscene and close out the chapter.

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