GTA 5 – How to Deal with a Modder

What you should do when playing with a modder.

How to deal with a modder Guide

There is nothing much you can do to a modder cuz he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. In this guide, there is some information that would be good to do when you encounter a modder.


  • Pause the game and navigate to the “Online” tab.
  • Select “Players”, and choose the name of the player cheating.
  • Select “Report”, and confirm your report with the “Exploit” category.

Record what the modder is doing

Try to get a good record of the modder doing something naughty (alt+f9 on Nvidia GTX Gpus). You can send your video to R. Upload it on youtube and email the link to R so they have to take notice.

Take care of yourself

Do not type anything in chat and do not use voice chat. Just do your own things and dont piss the modder off or he can do really unpleasant things to you.


If you see any objects spawned in your garage, you need to get in story mode and join Onlie again. If you get trapped in a cage, do the same or restart Grand Theft Auto.

Don’t take any money

Don’t take any money dropped by the modder. You never know what menu the modder is using and if he got some free

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