GTA 5 – How to Sell 4 Bikes Solo Using Bombushka Cargo Plane (GTA Online)

There are 2 different 4 bike MC sell missions:

  • Mission 1) You have 4 bikes spawned and all bikes are going to different locations.
  • Mission 2) You have 4 bikes spawned and all bikes are going to same location. After reaching the drop-off point, police are ambushing and you are requested to lose the cops. After losing cops LJT calls and sets a new drop-off point. (Same drop-off for all 4 bikes!).

Both missions are doable solo with using Bombushka.


  • Mission time is 30 minutes, you have to be really fast in order to do this solo.
  • I would not recommend doing this inside a populated lobby.

Steps To Use Your Bombushka Cargo Plane For MC Sell Missions

Note: Credit goes to qarimbas

STEP 1: Ride all the bikes behind the plane. (4 bikes) But don’t load them. Don’t use any personal vehicles while taking other bikes since it’ll despawn your Bombushka.

STEP 2: Memorize all bike drop-off points, then open the cargo bay and load the plane. (Memorizing is important if you’re in mission 1!)

STEP 3: Close the cargo bay, fly the plane and go to nearest drop-off to deliver your first bike.

STEP 4: Land the Bombushka in a suitable place near drop-off point. (you should be able to take off again.)

STEP 5: Unload the Bombushka, Notice that you can not enter the bikes inside. To unload, put the plane in reverse thrust, then immediately thrust forward. Motorcycles will drop drop cargo bay. After unloading, take the bike and deliver it.

STEP 6: Starting from step 1, do exactly same for other 3 bikes.

Mission 1: Different Locations [How To Sell 4 Bikes Solo Guide]

Mission 2: Police Ambush

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