GTA 5 – Daily Objectives (GTA Online)

Here is a day by day creation of the Daily Objectives in order to help you out with finding the objectives. Some are tied to Businesses. Others are tied to specific Missions on your menu or phone.

Daily Objectives

Arena Wars

Games Masters

Capture the Flag. The most flags wins.

Hot Bomb

Part of the Arena Wars participations, each person is a bomb. If they hit you, hot potato bomb.

Vehicle Deathmatch

LTS. Last Vehicle Living.

Bribe the Cops then Cause Havoc

Visit the Diamond Casino with a bunch of grenades or sticky bombs. Call Lester and tell him to Bribe the Cops. Then blow up as many cars as you want.

Club Management (Nightclub)

Visit your nightclub, go to the computer. Then perform a Promote Club. You should be doing this daily in order to generate $10,000 a day.

Complete a Doomsday Heist Prep

For Doomsday Heist Prep, you need to visit a Facility and start any Preparation. The easiest one to do is the Ambulance on the very first Doomsday mission The Data Breaches. On this one, I performed the Deluxos instead.

Complete a Heist Finale

The only place you are allowed to do Heist Finales is at your Apartment. Go to your apartment and do a Heist Finale. The easiest way to do this is to call Lester, then Cancel Heist (Apartment Heists), then pay to Replay Heist for the Fleeca Bank. This is under one hour.


Solo Darts is fairly simple. What you have to do is keep hitting the center until you reach the bottom of the points. Once you are down to single digits or double digits, hit the double points of the smallest number.

Gang Attack

Gang Attacks are all over the map, but they all have different times. Some are at Noon. Some are at Midnight. There is a webpage dedicated to Gang Attacks. Go anywhere there is a red circle spotted for a Gang Attack. It’s faster if you fly over the areas. Then call your Mechanic. You can bring any car, but I recommend the Kuruma (Armored) or a tank.

Last Team Standing

This one is a classic requirement. Open your menu, jobs, Last Team Standing. Use Cypress Hill. Nobody plays the rest of those.


Simple. Visit any Movies in the menu. Start it and exit.

Participate in a Vehicle Deathmatch

For Participate in a Vehicle Deathmatch, you need to pull up your menu (start button), then go to Online, Jobs, Deathmatch. You can also go to your Phone (up) then Quick Jobs, then Deathmatch. Most of the deathmatches are tied to the Arena War.

Participate in SASS Series

This one can be pulled up on your phone (up), Quick Jobs, then keep scrolling until you see S.A. Super Sport Series.

Perform a Wheelie for 10 seconds

In rare opportunities, you will get two challenges in one. Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds and participate in freemode challenge related to it.

The best wheelie motorcycle is the Nagasaki Chimera. Three wheeler that will tip upwards and stay in place for 10 plus seconds.

Play a Match of Tennis

You can drive to a Tennis Match or go to Quick Jobs on your Phone (up) and dial Tennis.

Scuba Diving

Visit your Ammu*Nation Store, then purchase an Outfit under Scuba. Then go for a swim. You need to wear the Scuba in order to do Scuba. If you change your outfit, simply switch back to Scuba.

Sell Counterfeit Cash, Forged Documents, Cocaine, Guns, Meth, Weed

This can be achieved through two places. Nightclub or at your Factories. You are required to purchase the Motorcycle Clubhouse and it’s Factories within. Sell Counterfeit Cash, Forged Documents, Cocaine, Guns, Meth, Weed based on these factories or have your Warehouse Management associates deliver these to the Nightclub to do them here.

Sell or Source Air-Freight Cargo

You are required the Hangar to complete any Air-Freight Cargo. Air-Freight Cargo has many jobs. Fort Zancudo raid, Save the Titan, underwater treasure with pirates, bomb raiding installations, stunt plane flights, and more.

Sell or Source Special Cargo / Vehicle Cargo

Selling Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo are tied to the CEO Executive Office. You need the Warehouse and CEO Office for this achievement.

Stunt Series

You can do this on your phone or your menu feature. Go to Quick Jobs and use Stunt Series there.

VIP Work

This one is activated by going to “M” for interactive menu. Go to Securoserv Mode and activate your status. CEO or VIP are fine. Open your Securoserv CEO/VIP, then click on VIP Work. Perform any task.

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