Lethal Company – How to Add Mods / Plugins

Mods / Plugins

Tried of playing same experience with original mechanics?

Please note that everyone in the lobby may require a mod that you are using in order to play multiplayer successfully!

Customization mods are exceptions. (Example: Fov Adjust, Uis & Graphics)

Let’s take a look at how to install modifications!

First of all, all plugins/mods can be downloaded from Thunderstore.io


[Bepinx is a must installed pack for alll mods to be working]

Please note that some mods (Example: Better Lobby & More Suits) require you to have an base pack, so make sure to scan through the mod’s description.

  1. Even though there are two options to choose to download from, I recommend downloading manually.
  2. Afterwards, go to your downloaded destination and extracted the downloaded rar. file.
  3. It will extract a folder with components in it.
  4. In order to transfer the files into the right folder, go Lethal Company>Lethal Company_Data>Plugins

(Please make sure to paste into the same folder as shown in the extracted folder).

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