Omega Strikers – Backstory of Luna

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Luna.


Luna is a fountain of explosive energy both on and off the field, bringing chaos with her rocket-boosted experiments. That chaos can be a powerful tool – if she can manage to control it.

Luna is the young daughter of genius astro-physicists, and she wants nothing more than to be like them when she grows up. Luna’s intelligence is far beyond her years, but her reckless rocket experiments have gotten her in trouble with her stern older brother, Atlas, on many occasions. The two were often left home alone when their parents would embark on voyages into space, and Luna felt her creativity stifled by Altas’ rigid scientific approaches.

Luna’s parents while on a journey to the far reaches of the solar system, lost contact with earth. Luna believed that something must have malfuctioned with their ship, leaving them lost in space. She dug into the schematics and diagrams of the ship her parents had built and set her sights on utilizing them to build a ship, one that she could use to bring her parents back from space.

While taking a rare break from her experiments to watch a New Year’s fireworks show, Luna caught sight of an oddly colored comet hurtling towards Earth. The comet slammed into the roof of her house and, to her surprise, landed with a gloopy thud. The gloop moved – it was a sentient alien. Luna couldn’t believe an alien had landed on her rooftop. Ecstatic, she built a suit for the alien to hold human form, named her “Juno“, and began teaching her how to be human.

Luna decided that she and Juno would follow in Atlas’ footsteps and join the Pro League. But no team wanted two children – until Asher decided to take a chance on them. Now that Luna has the opportunity to test her rockets out on the field, it’s only a matter of time before she gets out there and brings her parents back.

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