Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Owl / Father (Boss Guide)

Owl / Father

  • Location : Hirata Estate
  • Deathblow Markers : 2
  • Reward : Battle Memory , Aromatic Flower
  • Optional : yes
  • Best prosthetic tools : Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella , Mist Raven
  • Best skill art : step dogde , mortal draw (or it’s enhancement)


He uses many of the same attacks and styles as his earlier battle, but now he’s faster and more aggressive. Fortunately for you, he doesn’t use poison or the healing block. He has a short recovery after many of his attacks–use them to punish him once you’re comfortable deflecting. When he does his long attack sequence that ends with his gunpowder slash, dodge towards him as he tosses the gunpowder and get behind him to injure him or you can use Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella to block this and counter attack with projected forced skill .

Sometimes he’ll wind up a heavy overhead chop and it’s possible to dodge it and punish–but if you get too far away from him while he raises his sword, he’ll feint and leap into the air. If you get him with his back to a wall or a corner, you can attack relentlessly and you’ll damage him outright or interrupt many of his attacks and movements for a short spell, enough to wear down his health and damage his posture.

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