Sons Of The Forest – Guide to Keeping All Your Inventory for The New Game

The guide is for people who would like to go through the game again, but want to keep their equipment from the previous game.

How to Keep All Your Inventory for The New Game

Perform the following steps:

  1. Start the game, choose the difficulty level and rules (if you want). After appearing, make a save point and save the game.
  2. Turn off the game, then start (or on the keyboard the windows icon + R and appdata) – %appdata%.
  3. Go to LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves. (You important, you will have a record of the game single and multi You choose to select the folder where you have the save and then copy to the target mode)
    • (The easiest way to check this is by the modification date of the files which is save new and which is old)
  4. Now from your save on which you have everything, you need to copy the files:
    • a) PlayerInventorySaveData.json
    • b) PlayerClothingSystemSaveData.json
    • c) PlayerArmourSystemSaveData.json
  5. Paste these three files into the folder with the new save and replace
  6. Done, you can enjoy the full eq in the new game

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