Terraria – How to Survive and Keep NPCs Safe During a Blood Moon

Blood moons are scary. Your NPCs may die and your health, defense, mana and ammo may be scarce, but it is quite easy when you know what to do.

Keeping NPCs Safe

The easiest strategy is to block the doors with chairs, making it possible to move through. During my first blood moon i had:

  • The Merchant
  • The Guide
  • The Zoologist

And they all survived somehow. Oh yeah, I blocked the doors! Another easy way is… Ech! Hotels! Hotels are for boring lazy people who want small houses for good people that need better houses!

Keeping Yourself Safe

Don’t go outside. Since you are reading this guide you are most likely a newbie, meaning you will die during a blood moon. But what if you really wanted to go? Than use all of your current summons and beat them to pulps, and use your weapons if you only have one summon!

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