Warframe – How to Feed Helminth

The Helminth is a being who lives in the Orbiter’s Helminth Infirmary, behind a locked door that requires special access. It is in charge of the ship’s “biological functions,” or the Warframes’ behind-the-scenes repair and upkeep.

Feed Helminth Any Resource

Feeding Helminth any resource in Warframe appears to be a mechanic that some players are struggling with. They don’t appear to be able to find out how to efficiently feed the unusual parasite monster. As it turns out, there is a strategy to this, and if you figure out the “catch,” you’ll find it a lot easier, not to mention save a lot of money. So, in our Warframe Feed Helminth Any Resource guide, we’ll be talking about that.

How to Feed Helminth

After you’ve unlocked the Helminth in Warframe, you’ll need to collect the Helminth Segment from Son in the Cambion Drift to feed it. You won’t be able to do anything about the meaty “Little Shop of Horrors” reference that has grown on your ship if you don’t have it. Sit on the chair in the ship’s infested area once you’ve straightened things out. You should choose “Feed Helminth” from the option that appears. Instead, if you’ve given your Helminth a name, it will mention that. The alternative options are not appealing to us at this time.

Let’s take a look at how the feeding menu works now that we’ve arrived at it. It’s not going to work shoving random items down the creature’s throat. Instead, concentrate on feeding it only those objects with a green arrow pointing up in the top right corner. This gives it 30% fulfillment and is the only effective way to do it; otherwise, you’re just wasting resources. So, when they say “feed Helminth any resource” in Warframe, what they really mean is “give it what it wants.” Keep in mind that the green arrow may vanish after you feed it one batch of a resource. Switch to a different resource if this happens.

We’ll show you a list of the six various resource categories that you can feed Helminth, as well as a few examples for each of them, in the list below. Make careful to feed it items with green arrows on the icon once more. Otherwise, it simply will not work.

  • Oxides – Alloy Plates, Carbides, Oxium, Ferrite, Salvage
  • Calx – Asterite, Cubic Diodes, Rubedo, Grokdrul, Lucent Teroglobe
  • Biotics – Ganglion, Pustulite, Mapricos, Mytocardia Spores, Dusklight Sarracenia
  • Synthetics – Detonite Ampules, Fieldron Samples, Polymer Bundles, Circuits, Control Modules
  • Pheromones – Nano Spores, Plastids, Neurodes, Bracoid, Mutagen Samples
  • Bile – Argon Crystal, Thermal Sludge, Morphics, Somatic Fibers, Isos
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