Warframe – Necramech Part Farming

Just as the title says I’ll be showing you where to find the spawn points of Necramechs of the Cambion Drift. This guide is for the Necramech itself not the damaged weapon parts from the bounty.


For it to be easy for you, the time should be Fass (The Big Orange Worm).

It can also be Vome but the Necramechs that spawn will move by them self meaning they will fight the infested making it harder for them to die.

Your Operator

  • If you don’t know what this is, you have to go do “The Second Dream” quest.
  • The Second Dream quest comes from the Neptune Junction.

At Least Rank 1 in the Necraloid Syndicate

  • Having rank 1+ will let you start building the parts for the Necramech
  • Rank 2 in the Necraloid gets you the main blueprint for the Necramech itself


  • Using one of these will make it much faster to get from point to point
  • The K-Drive comes from doing the “Vox Solaris” quest
  • The Archwing comes from doing “The Archwing” quest from the Mars Junction

You can do this with other people, once one person gets in a Necramech another will spawn shortly after (about 10-20 seconds).

The Map

Necramech 1

Necramech 2

Necramech 3

Necramech 4

Necramech 5

Necramech 6

Necramech 7

Necramech 8

The Haul

From just an hour of solo farming I got:

  • 4 Damaged Necramech Engines
  • 1 Damaged Necramech Pod
  • 5 Damaged Necramech Casings
  • 3 Damaged Necramech Weapon Pods

Along with 3 different Necramech Mods.

Created by 4K Bongo Cat

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