Dead Cells – Extra Bonus Rooms In and Between Biomes

Extra Bonus Rooms in and Between Biomes

Timed and perfect doors (explanation)

Timed doors require you to reach a certain transition between two biomes before a certain amount of playtime (time spend in biomes and boss fights) has been accumulated.

Perfect doors require you to kills 30 or 60 enemies in a biome without getting damaged.

Behind timed and perfect doors are 20 cells, some gold and three items on a pedestal (you can only choose one).

Perfect doors after boss fights (require you to kill a boss flawlessly) is only one item but it is a guaranteed legendary.

Option tips for perfect doors and cursed chests

Enable the counter which lets you see how much enemies in a row you have killed without taking damage. (you can apply this while the game is going but opening your gear and somewhere in options you should find it (you can also disable the text that pops up when you open a cursed chest). When you take a hit the counter resets to 0. (on 1.5 it gets a golden skull if you reached 60 kills) When you kill 30 and 60 enemies a skull with the number above can be seen in the game. You can also change your diet.

Challenge rifts

Challenge rifts can spawn on any biome that does not include a boss. (20% chance)

Recognized by a rune on the ground that can be activated, upon activation a portal appears.

(Can also be found in BC doors, and other doors like in stilt-village and the elite-zones in high-peak castle, Challenge runes can’t be found in lore rooms)

The portal is also recognised on the minimap with a dot and when looking at the full map it can be seen as a full portal.

The portal never closes until entered and the chest in the portal is opened. The chest has one item and one power scroll guaranteed. In the chest is also either some gold or some cells.

Upon opening the chest the player needs to parkour his way out between traps to reach another portal that leads back to where the player found the rune.

Items left in the challenge rift will appear where the portal was activated after the player has completed the challenge rift.

Bug: in the graveyard there are little subsection behind doors which have a horizontal, endless hallway. Players can’t get here and this hall only serves atmospherical purposes. However a rune found closely to this hall can spawn a portal that ends up in this hallway. These are unreachable. This bug is also added at the bottom of the graveyard biome.

Mimic chests

Mimic chests are normal looking chests that can spawn anywhere instead of a normal chest. (One of the many dark souls references in the game wherefor I’ll praise the dev’s for (but not as much as the sun)) These mimics contain a swarm of corpse biters (blue flies) and a few zombies. Of course some nice cells overall… (Chests in BC doors can be mimic chests).


You can only find 2 power-scrolls in these sections. The 2 power-scrolls are found after the giant-fight when you go directly to the throne room (before the collector-room).

Return-stone tip

You can recall yourself to an entrance from below the recall-stone. I don’t know how much and when this is possible but it certainly is possible. Very helpful if you are in doors like in stilt village etc. (Speedrunners probably know more about this).

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