Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Nightshade Paolumu Strategy & Weakness


Flying WyvernAncient Forest, Wildspire Waste

Nightshade Paolumu is a subspecies of the well known Paolumu. Like it’s normal cousin, it features large bat like wings and ears, and a large air sack in can fill to become buoyant. However, it also brings into play one of the most dangerous elements to deal with as a hunter, Sleep. It produces a powerful sedative gas stored within its throat sac that it can expel and scatter to knock hunters and other prey out cold. You’ll need to tread lightly around large clouds of sleep spores. Make sure to bring plenty of flash pods to keep it on the ground.

MR2 Assigned Quest: No Time For Naps

MR2No Time For NapsWildspire WasteNightshade PaolumuComplete this quest and Play Both Ends to unlock Blizzard Blitz.

In the quest, No Time For Naps you’ll be venturing out into the Wildspire Waste to investigate the strange appearance of new subspecies appearing in the previous areas you’ve been to.

Before you leave Seliana, make sure to grab plenty of the following: Flash Pods. Before heading into this fight, it is also strongly recommended that you start to craft some Master Rank armor if you haven’t already.

Unlike the previous quests, the Handler won’t be with you as she is on a venture with the Tracker as part of the story of investigation into Velkhana, so you’re free to run straight to the monster. Spawn into the camp near area 1 and head north, you’ll easily find the Nightshade Paolumu in Area 2, where a cutscene will trigger of the monster putting you to sleep.

After you wake up, you’ll find him in Area 8 so follow your scout flies and head over there to begin the fight.

Nightshade Paolumu Strategy

If you find yourself struggling with this monster, consider crafting or equipping some of the armor, weapons and jewels found below.

Ideal Armor PiecesIdeal WeaponsIdeal Decorations
Tzitzi a or B+ Greaves(Sleep Resistance)Best: Master Rank Jyuratodus or Coral Pukei-Pukei WeaponsSleep Res Jewels, Steadfast Jewels, Vitality Jewels, Defense Jewels,
Other Master Rank Armor (Defense)Next Best: Master Rank Viper Tobi-Kadachi, Dodogama, Great Girros, Rathian Weapons

Nightshade Paolumu’s greatest threat to you is the clouds of sleep spores it leaves all around the battle. Nullifying this makes this fight much much easier. We recommend a combination of Master RankTzitzi Greaves and Sleep Res Jewels or just 3 of the aforementioned Jewels to boost your Sleep Resistance up to Level 3, where Nightshade Paolumu’s deadly sleep spores have zero effect on you.

After nullifying its biggest weapon against you, the fight simply becomes about avoiding a few specific attacks. Firstly, there’s its tail, which it uses most often in the air to both direct the clouds of sleep spores, but also to try and hit you as the enemy. Avoid these strikes it throws your way. While in the air it will also use an attack where it will chaotically fly around and then fly at you in a straight line at breakneck speed. It’s fairly easy to avoid but does a lot of damage if you happen to be hit by it.

While it won’t stay on the ground long due to being a Master Rank level monster, Flash Bombing Nightshade Paolumu will bring it to the ground if in the air, evening the playing field a bit and making it easier to hit for the S&S and Dual Blades users out there.

But what if you find yourself in the fight without your sleep resistance? Well, this fight just got a whole lot tougher for you. Nightshade will shoot puffs of smoke at you that will remain on the battlefield for several minutes. This can quickly turn the environment into a war zone of sleep clouds everywhere for you to have to traverse around. Nightshade can also suck all nearby clouds into one bigger cloud around it if it so wishes, and then can use its tail to spread it out in a large blast before the clouds finally dissipate. Basically what we’re saying here is, don’t fight this monster without Sleep Resistance unless you’re trying to prove you can.

Nightshade Paolumu Weakness

This section will contain weakness information on Nightshade Paolumu

Effective Element(s) (strongest to weakest)Water(3), Fire(2), Thunder(1), Ice(1)
Effective Ailment(s) (strongest to weakest)Poison(2), Paralysis(2), Blast(2), Stun(2), Sleep(1)
Weak PointsHead (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo-2)Neck Pouch (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo-3) Belly (Cut-2, Blunt-2, Ammo 2)
Breaks and SeversNeck Pouch, Wings, Back, Tail (breakable)

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