Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Get Easy Money On Start

Well hello there fellow Calradians. This guide will help you get an easy start with lots of money.

How to Get Easy Money

Step 1: Starting the Game

Your culture doesn’t matter for this guide.Just make sure to have at least 1 or 2 smithing skill.

Step 2: Finding Some Iron

Now recruit some soldiers. After that you should go to Northern Empire and hunt down some looters.

Get as many as weapons as you want from them.The more you get means the more you should rest but the more you will be rich.

Step 3: Making the Cash $$

This step is the longest but easiest one

  • Buy 2 hardwood from the market. Northern Empire has one of the cheapest prices for that in their cities.
  • Refine them into a charcoal.
  • Smelt the weapons you got after you beat the looters.
  • The wrought or crude or normal irons you got from smelting is more expensive than the weapon itself.

Optional–> Not necesarrily necessary but you can keep refining and make your wrought irons normal ones.They will sell 50 gold more per unit and you will get a crude iron back so you can keep smelting.

A Quickmath Explanation

A Gallogiach Axe is around 50 gold at the Northern Empire cities. It can get around 100 in Vlandia.

If you smelt it you will get 5 wrought iron and when you sell them you get around 600 gold.If you smelt your wrought ones into normal irons than it will be around 800.This price is for Northern Empire cities and will get lower once you do this for so much.I suggest you travel to Vlandia and keep doing that.After Vlandia go to Sturgia than Northern Empire again.

Of course other weapons don’t drop the same amount as a Gallogiach Axe but you will get at least 4x more gold than just selling them guaranteed.

P.S. Northern Throwing axes give steel so be sure to smelt them for some good $$

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