The Forest – How to Fix All Binding Issues for VR

Disclaimer: This guide is for VR only and has only been tested on Oculus controllers through SteamVR. This may work on other headsets too.

Can’t combine? The bindings bother you? Look no further because I have just solved it!

How to Fix Binds

  1. While in The Forest, open up the Steam VR UI.
  2. Click on the game’s image
  3. Click “Controller bindings” > “Custom” > “Edit this binding”.
  4. Click on “Inventory”
  5. Remove the binding set for the trigger and instead make a new binding there by clicking on the “+” > “Button”.
  6. Click on the “Click” assignment button and press “combine” from the list.

Now save the bindings and you’re all done!

You can do this to any bindings that may be broken for you.

Created by Slithersy

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