The Forest – How to Kill the Spider Mutant (Virginia)

This guide is designed to explain the basics of dealing with mutants.

Guide to Kill the Spider Mutant (Virginia)

Note: Credit goes to bonaaapetit

Preparing and Basic Weapons

First, you will need to create a spear and then transform it into upgraded spear. Then on top of the upgraded spear, you will need to put alcohol and cloth (for burn damage) to make an upgraded spear with molotow also named as incendiary spear.

You will also need to get a club. Its a weapon with high damage and it can be found at mutant villages or by killing the mutants.

Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

I, myself, prefer multiplayer, as it is a lot easier to defeat enemies and make progress, when you have backup. So i would rather search someone, who plays forest and is able to provide any help, when needed, then to play alone.

The Fight

You will need to be ready to fight any enemies, when needed, so i strongly advise you, to cary your best weapon by yourself everytime.

As soon as you see “Virginia”, you need to take the incendiary spear and hold it in your hand, to be able to attack. Have your friend by your side to help you out.

It will try to attack you by lifting its front pair of legs and sprinting towards you. At that moment, you throw the incediary spear on it and light it on fire. Then you hit it with your upgraded club and make sure its coming towards you. Now you tell your friend to hit it with his club, while its chasing you, to make sure its only attacking you.

You basically beat it to death.

After the Fight

After the fight, you skin the “Virginia” and make armor. The armor will give you a significant buff, that makes other armor better.

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