Valheim – Simplest Base for Beating the Game

All function, no form. 300 wood cost.

The Build

Suppose that you don’t yet care about building anything too flash, just want to beat the PVE content for now and building is a chore.

This is the smallest design that still has a lot of space for chests, has no issues with smoke and no spots where you lose the shelter buff due to the exhaust hole in the walls.

This build assumes you aren’t scared of mob raids on your base, just go out and kill them when they happen.


  • 5 wide, 7 long
  • 2 tall on the long side (roof side)
  • 3 tall on the door side
  • 45 degree roofs used.


Expanding your base to fit kilns, smelters and portals inside your base takes up way too much space and they are perfectly fine being outdoors.

Only exception to the above is you want 1 portal sheltered to go to the mountains, because when it rains you want to be dry when you go through the portal. For other biomes this doesn’t matter, if it’s raining in 1 location it’s raining in all locations except for mountains (where it’s blizzarding but that doesn’t do anything).

Chimneys are a waste of time, wood, space, and limits where you can place your fires. A gap on the short sides of your walls is sufficient.

Rain doesn’t really exist. If it did then it would angle into the gap that you’ve made to exhaust smoke. If a patch changes this, just extend the roof out one more.

Flat ground foundation: Don’t need it. Don’t be misled by other content saying or implying that you do. The floor will be fine not touching the ground, only the middle roof section may break if the side walls aren’t touching the ground.

Doors are optional I think. I included them out of habit but I kept them open all the time. Perhaps only useful if a raid happens so you can prepare before leaving to face them.

You can extend this design as long as you want. As for width, it could be 8 wide without needing any vertical beams in the middle of it.

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