Valheim – Surviving Your First Day / Night Cycle

You enter Valheim and have no idea of what to do. Does this sad player sound like you? Read on!

How to Survive Your First Day

Controls and Effects

Hello! These are some basic controls that are VITAL to success. Read them thuroghly!

  • Walking: W, A, S, D
  • Sprinting: W+L shift, A+L shift, S+L shift, D+L shift. Watch the stamina!!
  • Jumping: Space Bar. Watch the stamina!

Now for a dangerous effect… I will tell you how to stop it… And a effect to warm you up!

Cold: An effect that comes at night and slows stamina regeneration (Stamina is the yellow bar that appears when you run, jump, and attack.) and it can be stopped only by the “Fire” buff. The fire buff is created by a campfire. (I will mention more must-knows about campfires later on in the guide.) What makes the “Cold” debuff so bad? It’s only some stamina! If that is what you said in your head after reading this section, here is why. Packs of necks (Evil lizards) hunt in the meadows ALL NIGHT and attacking uses stamina so it makes “Cold” DEADLY!

Useful Items

Welcome back reader! I will be telling you some resorces that are again, VITAL to survival in Valheim.

First, to enter your inventory, hit Tab. A way to get wood easily is to punch at trees. An easy way to get stone is to look on the ground and pick it up. Also, if you manage to kill a greyling, thier drops are VERY IMPORTANT TO SURVIVAL!

Crafting and Exploring

When you have wood and stone, hit Tab, and see how much you need to make a stone axe and a hammer. A stone axe can be used as a okay weapon. Clubs are easier to make but are less powerful in combat. A stone axe, obviously, is also used to chop down trees witch is a much more efficent way of harvesting wood. Exploring means DANGER! Hold your weapons tightly, There Are Monstrous Beasts! Access the map by pressing “M”.

Snacks and Fine Dining

So… you may wonder how to snack and regenerate, OR you may have found raspberries and mushrooms on your adventure, OR you maybe killed a boar or a neck and got a neck tail or raw meat. If you did the third option, get one wood and right-click holding the hammer and find cooking station on the menu. Place it over a campfire. Place your meat on and wait. Enjoy!

Houses and Shelter

Make things with the hammer the way I told you previously to make a long term shelters. It MUST have a bed, windows, a door, a workbench, and a campfire. (Chests are useful too!) It must have roofing over the bed and workbench!

The windows let smoke from the fire out. If you don’t, you get smoked, which results in health loss. Good luck!

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