Blair Witch – Chapter 17 Walkthrough (Final)

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 begins when Ellis enters the house. It is the final chapter, largely made up of linear halls, cutscenes, and scripted events with little exploration.

Begin by going through the unlocked door in the back corner. Follow the hallway until you reach the staircase. Go up the stairs to the second floor then make your way to the bedroom in the far back. Grab the key off the nightstand next to the bed and head back downstairs. Use the key to unlock the basement door underneath the basement, go down the stairs, then through the door at the bottom.

You will find yourself back at the start of the house. Make your way back to the stairs like before, and this time make sure you explore the rest of the floor until you find the Red Battery on one of the tables in the living space. You need this battery on your second playthrough if you want to use the radio in the bunker back in Chapter 4.

Once you have the battery, continue to explore the first floor until you find a new crawlspace in the back room. Crouch and go inside to find a new Red Tape titled “The Ruin”. Watch the tape and until you see the marked door (with the Blair Witch symbol on it) opened up. Go find that same door on this floor and head through to proceed.

At this point the house becomes much more linear. I won’t take the time to explain each and every room from this point forward, since most of the time the solution is either keep moving forward, or go backwards to discover the house has changed behind you. In some cases you will need to pick up an obvious item (such as the Wooden Dolls in the sitting room), or answer your walkie talkie (when the game prompts you to). If you feel stuck at any point just remember to keep moving, and keep looking until you trigger a new event.

At a few points (like the area shortly after this point) you will see messages on the walls that say “DON’T LOOK” or “YOU LOOK, YOU DIE”. In these areas you need to avoid looking at the monsters in the house by looking directly down at the ground and following the white markings (just like before in the fog). In some cases the monsters will be in your way, or even walking around. Never look directly at them, instead just watch their feet and do your best to avoid.

Although most of the area is very linear, there are still a few points of interest to keep an eye out for. For example, when you come upon the room with Sheriff Lanning you have the option to kill him. Doing so may affect your ending, so if you want to play it safe just exit the room without interacting with him. Same goes for a later room where you can interact with a wooden level sticking out of the wall. Using the lever will kill the sawmill operator from earlier, so once again just keep moving if you don’t want to do it.

When you reach the room with the hanging chairs you will need to use the Red Tape one last time, pausing at the point before the wall collapses so you can move forward. When you run into another dead end in the next room fast-forward the tape to the point where the wall collapses to open a new path.

One of the final “puzzles” in the game comes when you find a new Red Tape titled “The Corner”. This tape shows Ellis running from an explosion, then hiding in the corner of the same room you are standing in. Once you are done watching the tape that exact scenario will play out, so run over to the corner where Ellis stood in the tape and do not turn around. A voice will plead with you to look at her, and eventually start moving your field of vision to turn you around. Tilt the stick lightly to keep your gaze firmly facing the corner until she leaves, at which point you can exit the room.

Keep moving forward, dealing with any events that trigger along the way, and eventually you will end up back in the small effigy room one last time. Grab the carving sitting on the chair in the corner, then exit the room as usual. You will end up back in the house, but this time as you walk around you will see various characters from the game facing the corners. Approach them and they disappear. Approach each character until they are all gone, then you can make your way back to the basement door under the stairs and enter the basement, for real this time.

Explore the basement. You will find a desk covered in Victim Photos, and nearby is a floor hatch you can interact with. You will find out it is locked, then Carver will call you on the walkie talkie. Listen to his message and eventually he will tell you to find the key hidden under the table with the photos on it. Grab the key, open the hatch, then drop down. You will see a crawl space, so crouch down and crawl inside to trigger the ending.

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