Blair Witch – Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 begins when Ellis approaches the Sawmill.

Begin by interacting with the generator on the right to switch on the lights. No monsters will attack this time, so begin exploring the sawmill area. First go inside the building on the left and head into the backroom where you will find a new Red Tape titled “The Chase”. Watch this tape until you see the man burst through the side door of the other building in this area.

Head outside and you will see the sidedoor from the tape is now open and you can go inside. Once inside head towards the back once again to find another closed door. Go back to the red tape and fast forward a little farther until you see the man open this door as well. Enter the backroom and you will see a cluttered table with three drawers on the front.

Check all the drawers for items, but the one we are interested in is the note with a combination (3324) in the middle drawer. The note opens the padlock on the gate near the front of this building. Head back outside and locate the gate. Interact with the padlock and enter the code 3324 to open the gate. Head up the stairs on the other side of the gate and find yourself in the infirmary on the second floor.

There isn’t much going on in this room, though you will notice the one bed surrounded by curtains on the far side. Walk over and interact with the curtains to go inside. You will see an injured man laying on a cot. Interact with the various points of interest on his body, then read his dog tag to trigger a cutscene.

Suddenly the room will transform back to its true state, and you will see the injured man was actually the dead Sawmill operator. You can grab the tape near his body to see the scene of his death. If you look out the window you will see Bullet playing fetch with the mysterious man from the tapes. Head back outside, down the stairs, then go confront the man to begin another cutscene, which leads into Chapter 12.

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