Blair Witch – Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 begins when Ellis wakes up in the campsite again after his flashback.

Once you regain control take a look around the campsite to collect any new items or view any new points of interest. When you are ready to proceed grab the new Red Tape off the rock to the left of the tent. Watch this tape titled “The Burial” to see a man burying something under a large rock.

To find this rock head forward out of the campsite, past the tent and fireplace, and look for an uphill path on the right side past the large rocks. Walk up this path and you will enter a small opening overlooked by a large rock face with some sketches on it. Open “The Burial” back up and pause it at the point where the large rock is still sitting up. This will raise the rock and reveal an interact point for Bullet.

Tell Bullet to interact and he will dig up a Tappy East Creek Timber Company patch. Have Bullet smell it and he will leave you directly to a burning forest area. In this area you will be attacked by moving bundles of leaves if you step into the leaves too long. To avoid them you need to take shelter on the high ground areas, and move between them quickly.

Follow the path forward as usual and you will start getting walkie talkie calls from an unknown soldier. You can try to answer them but it doesn’t lead to anything. When you reach the log bridge drop down into the sea of leaves, triggering another longer walkie conversation. At this point you need to look around and find the nearest high ground area adjacent to the one you are standing on. Run to the closest one, then repeat the process always finding the nearest hill and moving to it while avoiding the leaf monsters.

About midway through you will be attacked by another one of the mysterious forest monsters. Like always, using the flashlight on the monster could result in a bad ending so if you want to avoid him just keep running. Eventually you will reach a larger island with what appears to be some smashed up buildings on it. Stepping into this area will trigger a long flashback.

Move forward until you can enter a building on the left with a dead soldier inside. This will trigger another PTSD episode, and you just need to keep walking around until the flashback ends. Ellis will wake up distraught, but Bullet comforts him. Press the interact button to let go of Bullet when you are ready to begin Chapter 8.

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