Blair Witch – Chapter 13 Walkthrough

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 begins when you get the second walkie call from Carver in the fog.

This chapter consists mostly of staring at the camcorder, following the white markers, and avoiding the forest monsters (which appear in red on the camcorder).

Your ultimate goal is to reach the strange symbol you see in the distance, so always move toward it whenever you can. If your path is blocked by a monster, look around for ground markers and follow those instead. Just make sure you are always going around the monsters, and not looking directly at them. Occasionally Carver will chime in via the walkie to let you know you are in danger, so listen for his warnings.

At one point Carver will even begin giving you strict directions like “go left” or “a little to the right”. Make sure you follow his directions as closely as you can, or he will become angry and alert the monsters to your presence. Keep moving forward using these instructions until you finally reach the tree on the far end of this area. Interact with the branches to break a couple off. Once you regain control continue to follow the white markers until a short event happens where Ellis is shot at.

When you recover from the shooting you will see monsters in your way once again. Once again, just follow the white markers on the ground and avoid the monsters as best as you can (if you die its not a huge deal, you will just respawn a short ways back). Eventually you will see something that looks like a fire, and Bullet will bark excitedly and start chasing something. Follow him to find the body of a dead deer. Watch the cutscene that follows to see Ellis make an effigy of his own, then show it to Bullet.

Bullet will once again take off after something. Follow him and he will lead you to a strange tree with an opening underneath it. You can choose to send Bullet through the hole, but whatever is on the other side ends up scaring him and he runs away (this is optional, you can just keep walking if you like). After the tree keep following Bullet/the path forward until you eventually a large hole in the ground with a bloody cloth next to it.

This triggers a cutscene in which Carver tells Ellis to kill Bullet. Ellis refuses, then Bullet runs off. Shortly after we hear Bullet yelp as if he was injured. Go forward, then take a right and go under the downed log. On the other side is another ledge. You will see Bullet down below, so drop down the ledge and interact with him to begin Chapter 14.

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