Hogwarts Legacy – Better Performance & Stability with Wise Memory Optimizer + Tweaks

Better performance in Hogwarts Legacy (Better RAM Management).

How to Get Better Performance

Note: Credit goes to Gnarstie

A Recommendation for better Performance & Stability: Wise Memory Optimizer. This software improved my game performance a lot!

Wise Memory Optimizer

  1. Download the software and install. Its free.
  2. Open the software and go to options
  3. Set “Auto Optimization” to ~ 1000 MB
  4. Enable “Clean clipboard while optimizing” & “Run when CPU is idle”
  5. Play Hogwarts Legacy with better performance!

Ascendio – Unofficial FPS Hotfix for PC

  1. Make sure you have launched the game at least once so the files can get generated
  2. Download Ascendio Installer from the files tab.
  3. Run the installer and click “install”.
  4. Hit next and close the application.

Engine Tweaks

Enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. Search Windows for “GPU” to find this setting, restart your PC.

Go to “AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor” and backup “Engine.ini”. Add the following to the bottom of the file and save it:


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