Hogwarts Legacy – How to Backup Your Save Files

This is a guide about how to protect your save game files (backup) and avoid this thing to happen to you in future.

How to Backup Your Save Files (Do It Now!)

Note: Credit goes to ❤Ilona

Better safe than sorry

Alot of people has been stating that their save game files of 50h+ have completely disappeared.

P.S. There’s actually no prediction of a patch that will fix it. So do it before is too late.


First things first. Open your C/disc, then users, [your name] and find the Folder named AppData

Check down below how to make it appear if it’s not appearing to you:

Once you use revelio on the transparent folder, click on it. Then hit Local/Hogwarts Legacy/saved, then finally, SaveGames.

So what you gonna do is copying this whole folder and paste it anywhere else you want and keep updating it each time you progress the game.

Whenever you lose your progress and mysteriously the save files disappears from you, paste all the save files again at the same directory as before and the most important thing u gotta do is to remember to say this out loud when you do it…

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