Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Get +40 Party Size while Still in Clan Tier 1

What We Want to Accomplish


  • Be a Male.
  • Have about 5000 Gold.

Thats basically it…

How to Do It

  • Go to Rhesos Castle (location shown in picture).
  • Tell Sora you admire her and that you wish to marry her
  • Make a Save because your Charm may not be to leveled high enough to make it in one go
  • Pass the Speech-Minigame
  • Wait a day or two and come back
  • Do the same Speech-Minigame again
  • Go find her Father and Pay him enough (should be about 5000 Gold) so he accepts the offer and lets you marry her
  • Go back to Rhesos Castle and take her into your party
  • Make her the Quartermaster of your party by selecting her in your party screen and clicking on the
    speech bubble assigning her a new role.
  • You did it, now you should have +40 party size because of her Steward 160 skill, congrats!

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