Blair Witch – Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 begins when Ellis wakes up in the campsite for the third time.

Begin by looking around the campsite for any new items or points of interest, then grab the walkie in the middle of the camp to get a new message from the mysterious man, Carver. When you are ready to proceed walk over to the gnarled wall where Bullet should be looking. You will find the camcorder wrapped up in some roots. Grab it and watch the new tape titled “The Deal”. Carver tells you to go back to the White Tree and collect some branches from it.

When the video is over Ellis will notice some glowing white marks on the ground which can only be seen through the camcorder. Start following the marks and eventually you will see a strange symbol appear in the camcorder. Start walking toward the symbol and eventually you will reach a ledge.

Hop down the ledge and you will get a call from Carver explaining a little bit about the fog, and beginning Chapter 13.

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