Astral Chain – File 7: Prisoner of Curiosity Walkthrough

Prisoner of Curiosity

After you press the button, head to the bridge in the middle. Keep following the yellow waypoint on your map.

When you reach the top of the stairs, slash the gate open with your Sword Legion and keep going. Climb the ladder nearby.

Run through the alleyway ahead and look out for enemies nearby. A huge flying chimera will appear. Attack it with your Arrow and other long ranged moves.

After enough damage, the chimera will take you with it to the Astral Plane. The fight will continue there, but now the chimera will have some help. Use your Arrow here or Beast to attack from afar.

Once you defeat them all, you’ll be taken back to the city. Continue ahead towards the waypoint.

You’ll come to a more open area where the homunculus is be and it’ll try to hit you with its laser. Avoid it and watch the creature jump to the building ahead.

Make your way towards the homunculus by following the linear path ahead. The creature will absorb the other nearby chimeras just before you get to the building ahead. Crouch to enter the building and keep going.

When you enter the building, take a left and you’ll end up back in the Astral Plane.

It’s time for another showdown with several chimera. One of them will require you to sever its chain with your Sword Legion to defeat it. If you ever see an enemy glowing purple like the ones here, it means a smaller minion is shielding it.

Again, defeating them will send you back to the city. Keep moving ahead to the pile of rumble that requires Beast to dig it up. Crouch through the door and move forward.

This will trigger a section in which you must run away from the homunculus.

After you make it inside, head to the right where you’ll find a chest. Stay here for a moment, as the creature will shoot a laser beam down the main hall. When it’s safe, proceed.

Lift up the door with your Arm Legion and wear it to move ahead since the ground is covered in goop. Open up another door with your Arm.

Keep following the path downstairs. Reference the waypoint.

When you get outside, help carry the civilian to the stretcher. The Homunculus will start to wreak even more havoc on the city. For now there isn’t much you can do but to keep the creature in your sights as it walks by.

After it leaves, follow the waypoint, which will lead you into a garage with a lot of enemies. You need to take them all out in order to use the elevator.

When you get to the top floor, wrap around to the left and keep following the waypoint that will lead you up a ladder. You should see a huge purple glowing ball of energy in the distance.

Protolegion Battle

On the roof, another wave of enemies will begin to attack. Take them out.

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