Astral Chain – How to Defeat Axe Nemesis Boss

Axe Nemesis Boss Guide

The key to this fight is to take down the Axe Nemesis’ shield. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deal any damage. You’ll notice various explosive bombs around the arena that can be thrown with the Arm Legion. Throw the bombs at Axe Nemesis to take down its shield.

When its shield is down, you can wrap your chain around it to stun it for a moment. With the help of your Legion and the bombs around the stage, you’ll be able to take the boss down.

One thing you absolutely want to look out for is the Axe Nemesis’ spinning attack. This is quite deadly and has a long duration. If you see it doing this run away and attack it with Arrows.

Axe Nemesis has a few moves that are tough to dodge, like one in which it shoots blasts out of the ground. The key to this is to run towards the boss to stop it from executing the move.

After you defeat the boss, you’ll unlock the Axe Legion and end the file. Enjoy!

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