Astral Chain – How to Defeat Kyle Boss

Kyle Boss Guide

Kyle doesn’t pose much of a threat. In fact, if not for his stylish analysis result, you wouldn’t even know he’s a boss.

Use the wrapping technique like before to dish out as much damage as you can. Kyle will jump around and evade you, but he can still be subdued with little trouble.

Just make sure you watch out for his ground pound AoE attack. If he flies up in the air, dodge out of the way. Also, if you’re having trouble landing attacks, just have your Beast or Sword Legion attack him.

Before you know it, the fight will be over and Kyle will agree to help you. To advance, follow him through his lair.

He will tell you about the “thin man” named Douglas. Only, no one knows where he is. It will be your job to find him.

You’ll acquire Douglas’ case, which you can use to track him down with, thanks to the Beast Legion.

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